Positive urine sugar means that we have diabetes?This is the fact

If there are some other crisis in our diabetes, it will also bring a very large impact on our body. How should we check it to explain that there is the harm of diabetes in our body?Positive urine sugar means that we have a disease like diabetes?Let’s take a closer look.

High urine sugar is not necessarily diabetes

Many people will judge whether diabetes have been determined by symptoms such as "more than three more" (more drinking, more food, more food, more urine, and decreased weight).But in fact, the diagnosis of diabetes is blood sugar."Three more and one less" and the condition of urine sugar are actually just reference.

Even if there are no symptoms of "three more", it cannot be said that there is no diabetes; and symptoms such as drinking and eating more are not necessarily diabetes.

Similarly, even if the urine sugar is negative, it cannot be said that there is no diabetes, and the urine sugar cannot be determined that it is diabetes.Because there are many factors that can cause urine sugar to be positive, "kidney diabetes" belongs to one of them.

What is the disease of kidney diabetes

So what is kidney diabetes?

Renal diabetes actually refers to the test of blood sugar during an empty stomach, 2 hours of blood sugar and sugar tolerance tests for 2 hours after meals, but urine sugar is positive.The main cause of renal diabetes is that the function of renal heavy absorption of glucose is reduced, which leads to the emergence of diabetes.

With renal diabetes, the patient will contain sugar whether the urine is empty or after meals, and the blood glucose and blood glucose and sugar resistance test of the empty stomach of the empty stomach are normal.The quantitative and qualitative urine sugar has nothing to do with blood sugar, and urine sugar is not affected by diet and insulin.

Therefore, kidney diabetes is not a real diabetes.I advise everyone not to get kidney diabetes and cover themselves with a "diabetes" hat.

These types of people are the most prone to renal diabetes

1. Pregnant women.A few pregnant women will have kidney diabetes in the middle and later stages of pregnancy, but this situation is mostly temporary, and it will gradually return to normal after delivery.

2. Family kidney diabetes.The disease is often related to heredity, and many members in the family are generally ill.

3. People with chronic renal diseases, such as chronic nephritis.

In addition, other rare genetic or acquired renal tubular diseases can also lead to "renal diabetes".

Most kidney diabetes generally have no symptoms and do not cause severe consequences. Generally, no treatment is required.But patients with kidney diabetes should not be taken for granted, because there will still be a small number of renal diabetes develop into real diabetes later.

If the dangers of this diabetes appear in our bodies, we should improve it in a timely manner to help our body healthier, otherwise it will also affect the problems of the disease in our lives. For our bodies, our bodies will beThat’s also a very big harm, so it is the most important method to follow the correct way to make our body a very good nutrition.

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