Postpartum menstruation knowledge

I pregnant in October, I do n’t come to the menstruation for ten months.It has something to do with factors such as personal constitution, production method (or cesarean section), whether breastfeeding and the length of breastfeeding time. This situation is strange to the mothers who have the first baby for the first time.

月️ The first time after giving birth, the situation will appear in menstruation

The first case: Less menstrual bleeding: The cause of the postpartum leave amount is small, the cause of breastfeeding, the body’s cold, the postpartum bleeding, and the postpartum mood pressure due to insufficient postpartum rest.The amount of regular leave is reduced.

The second case: Menstrual bleeding is large: Most mothers come to the holiday for the first time after giving birth, and the amount of amount will be more, and the bleeding time is relatively long.Propaganda, so menstrual bleeding is more than before.

月️ Pay attention to these things for the first time after giving birth

1️⃣ The first menstrual flow after childbirth will be relatively abnormal. There are more people and fewer people. You must prepare a sanitary napkin for the night. When you go out, you should also prepare two sanitary napkins in the bag to prevent it.

2️⃣ Do not eat irritating foods such as raw cold, hot and sour during menstruation, keep warm, drink more hot water, and keep the stool unobstructed.

3️⃣ Pay attention to hygiene, change sanitary napkins, do not eat irritating foods such as cold, hot and sour during menstruation, pay attention to keep warm, drink more hot water, and keep the stool smooth.Prevent infection, keep warm and avoid cold stimulation.Avoid overwork.

4️⃣ After delivery, Baoma should maintain a happy mood, rest more, sleep more, do not let some postpartum trivial matters affect the mood, let the family help to help the family, avoid mental stimulus and emotional fluctuations.

产 Reminder: Generally, the mother will go to the yi hospital for normal postpartum inspection after 42 days after delivery. The doctor will ask if you have menstruation.After that, if the first menstrual volume or small amount of menstruation will not be treated for the time being, the mother first observes whether there is any abnormal menstrual color. See if the next menstruation or subsequent menstrual cycle is normal, if you abnormally go to the hospital to consult a doctor.

For breastfeeding mothers delayed menstruation. During breastfeeding, the prolactin in the blood will be high, so that the secreted female pregnancy SU will decrease and lead to amenorrhea.Some menstruation during puerperium has not come to a tide, and ovulation is restored 4-6 months after birth, and some even have menstruation after giving birth.Those who return to menstruation later after giving birth have been ovulated before the first menstrual period.For those who do not breastfeed, mothers usually recover the menstruation around 6-10 weeks after giving birth, and resume ovulation around 10 weeks after delivery.

是 ️ It is worth noting that if you have not had menstruation one year after giving birth or stop breastfeeding three months, you must attract attention. Is it possible to get pregnant or other circumstances and go to the hospital for a doctor.

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