practical!The super simple due date calculation method comes

Pregnant mother is pregnant in October, and once gave birth

The October here is not to say that the full month is ten months

It is the corresponding 40 weeks or 280 days

So how to calculate the accurate due date?


The last menstrual calculation algorithm

Doctors will calculate the due date according to the last menstrual period of pregnant women.Starting from the first day of the last menstruation, pushing 280 days is the due date.How to calculate your own due date, simply speaking:

The month of the last menstrual date plus 9 or 3 = 3 = the month of the due date;

The date of the first day of menstruation+7 = date of due date.

For example: if your last menstrual period is December 6, 2022, then 12-3 = 9 in the month; date 6+7 = 13; that is, the due date is September 13, 2023.


Ultrasonic calculation

For pregnant women who do not remember the last menstruation or irregular menstruation, the due date can be calculated through ultrasound check.

In the early pregnancy, B -ultrasound examination is relatively accurate, which is the most standard indicator of calculating the gestational week.In the middle of pregnancy, the size of the fetal sac and the hip of the fetal head to the hip of the fetus, and the diameter of the top bone on both sides of the fetal head can be measured. Based on this value, the number of pregnancy weeks and due date can be calculated.


The height measurement of the uterine bottom

According to the height of the uterine bottom, the number of pregnancy weeks is measured, but this method can only be comprehensively judged after a professional obstetrician and gynecologists through specific measurement!


Fetal movement algorithm

The prestigious maternal fetal movement appeared from the 18th gestational week to 20 weeks. After the mother had experience, the mother had two weeks earlier than the first mother, that is, the fetal movement can be felt from the 16th weekend to the 18th weekend.

Therefore, the calculation formula is:

The expected date of the first maternal dysentery = the date of the fetal movement+20 weeks.

The dated of the maternal due to the date of fetal movement+22 weeks.

Through the above methods, pregnant women can calculate the date of the baby’s birth.


Different from gestational infants and full moon children

Early pregnancy refers to 0 to 3 months of pregnancy, in the second trimester of pregnancy, refers to 4 to 6 months of pregnancy, and 7 months of pregnancy to childbirth.

Premature babies refer to babies born under 28 weeks of pregnancy. Premature babies weigh between 1000-2499g.

The full moon refers to the baby with a weighing 2500g at birth of 37 weeks to 42 weeks (260 ~ 293 days).

However, the due date is just a vague concept. According to statistics, only 5%of expectant mothers ushered in babies on the day of the due date, and most of them welcome the baby’s arrival a week before and after the due date.

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