Pregnancy also has "time and place". Pay attention to the signal performance of the body.

Now young people are busy working and busy enjoying their lives. Generally, they will choose to have children after a few years after getting married.However, because I missed the best fertility age, when the husband and wife want their children, they will not succeed immediately.

Many people may have prepared for half a year and fail to succeed, and they think that they are physical problems. The doctor said that only if it is not successful for more than one year for normal pregnancy, it is possible to have infertility, and it is only possible.

There is only an opportunity to ovulation every month, and only two people can get pregnant together at this time.However, many people don’t understand the calculation method of ovulation date. If you miss this month’s ovulation, you can only wait for the next month.

On the day of ovulation, the body will have different performances, and you can know the arrival of the ovulation date without testing.

▼ Body temperature rise

Entering the ovulation period, due to the changes in the level of body hormone, it will stimulate the function of regulating the body temperature of the hypothalamus, so the body temperature of women at this stage will increase by about 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees.

Generally, it will last for 2 weeks, until the temperature of the next menstruation will return to normal.If you find that your hands and feet are hot, it may usher in the ovulation date.

▼ Increased secretions

Due to the continuous improvement of female hormones, its own secretions will increase and will be more sticky.Unlike the usual leucorrhea, it is similar to latex -like secretions.

Some women may also be accompanied by stomach pain. This is the feeling of follicles when the eggs are excreted. Mild pain will not affect life.This is the performance of the ovulation period.

▼ It’s easy to fatigue and have no energy

Under the action of ovulation hormones, body consumption will increase, and when energy is insufficient, people will experience symptoms such as fatigue and difficulty.Even if nothing did nothing, it felt tired.

Each person has different constitutions, and the performance after pregnancy will be different, but some performance is still uniform.If you have these reactions after the same room during ovulation, congratulations on your pregnancy.

Body temperature continues to rise: As mentioned earlier, the body temperature will rise by 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees when ovulation, and it will last 2 weeks until menstruation arrives.If you are pregnant, your body temperature will continue to rise.Some women even have a low fever. Do not use physical discomfort during pregnancy. Do not use medicine blindly. It may be a physical response after pregnancy.

Indexation of menstruation: Menstruation is the most direct way to judge whether pregnancy. If the past has been on time, this month is postponed for more than a week. It is likely to be pregnant.If menstruation has always been irregular.It is necessary to judge with other body performance.

Loss of appetite: The foods that I have always liked in the past have suddenly lost interest, and their daily diet habits may also change much.

These may be a manifestation of pregnancy, because the changes in hormones after pregnancy affect the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, and the whole person does not like to eat.Even the sense of smell will become particularly sensitive, and other sensitive tastes, even if others can’t smell it, they will increase the sensitivity of smell during pregnancy.

The manifestation of pregnancy is also obvious, but not everyone will have the manifestation of pregnancy.It is recommended to judge with multiple performances in the body, or use the test strip to test the most direct.

In the early three months of pregnancy, the development of the fetus was unstable, and it was easily affected by external factors. There were often redness and abdominal pain, and even caused abortion.Therefore, there are more content that you need to pay attention to in the first three months.

Take more rest to avoid tiredness

Whether it is a mother who is going to work or resting at home, do not participate in work that requires laborious work.For example, running jumping, climbing up, ticked heavy objects, walking for a long time, or squatting, etc., all of them should be avoided.

Maintain a good habit of daily life, do not stay up late when you go to bed early and get up early.If Baoma likes to stay up late during pregnancy, the biological clock is chaotic after the baby is born in the future. If you do n’t sleep during the day or not to wake up at night, adults will be harder to bring children.

If you still need to go to work, stay away from the radiation area and minimize the use of telephones and computers.You can also wear radiation -proof clothing for protection.

Poofolic acid check -up on time

To do a check -up on time, the first three months is more critical. You need to understand whether the fetal development is normal.Is the development of fetal heart buds at 8-10 weeks?

Taking folic acid from pregnancy can prevent fetal deformed problems.Pay attention to protecting and avoid getting sick. If you are uncomfortable, it is recommended to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not use the medicine blindly.

Diet mixing should be balanced

Pay attention to diversity in diet to ensure sufficient nutrition.The staple food increases coarse grains, such as millet, corn, oats, etc.Milk, eggs, and beef and mutton are also recommended to have it every day.Fruit and vegetables ensure 2-3 kinds of intake per day. Do not eat fruit only because of pregnancy. On the one hand, it is insufficient nutrition and prevent blood sugar from rising.

Diet during pregnancy does not need to be replenished, and a normal diet can be.Try not to eat foods that have not been eaten before to prevent allergies.

Conclusion: Pregnancy is easy and easy, difficulty in saying difficulties.If there is a clear plan for giving birth to a baby, it is recommended to have children as soon as possible, and the elderly maternal will have an impact on the fetus and herself.

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