Pregnancy and cats are not contradictory. There are many solutions.

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I don’t know when it started, and the remarks about the pregnant woman could not raise cats spread over the sky.Many families preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, after listening to such rumors, they directly sent the cats or throw them away.Among those who send cats on the Internet, many reasons for cats to send cats are because of pregnancy that cannot be raised.And some families have even triggered a family war on the problem of sending cats.So, can’t you raise a cat?Can the little baby and the kitten really coexist in harmony?the answer is negative.There is no conflict between cats and children!

Can Toxoplasma cause abortion?

The problem of parasites is an important basis for many people to be convinced by rumors such as pregnancy that can not be raised.Cats are indeed the host of the bowworm, but to be honest, the probability of the cat itself is not high.In other words, your cat may not have a bow -shaped worm at all, just because of such a "suspicion" and always lose home, it is too wrong.

In addition, even if the cat has a bowworm, it will only excrete the eggs in the feces. Usually, the hug does not affect the pregnant woman.And ordinary families take care of pregnant women, and naturally don’t let pregnant women clean up cat feces?And I can’t get infected from the source of infection. How can pregnant women get a bow?

In addition, pregnant women will have an impact on the fetus only for the first time during pregnancy.In other words, you have a bow -shaped worm between your pregnancy or infected with the infection of the bowworm in the fetus.You know, sometimes people are greedy for fish raw or semi -cooked steaks, and they may also be infected with toxoplasma.Don’t blame all your responsibilities on cats.

If you are preparing for pregnancy, then there is no need to throw cats at all. There are so many ways to do both in both. Why should you choose the most cruel one?

First: Take a cat to the hospital to check the parasites. If the cat does not check the toxoplasma, you can put it at home to continue raising.During the host’s pregnancy, it is good to give cats more frequently.For example, when I did insect repellent once in the past three months, the owner can do insect repellent once a month during pregnancy.

Second: After the cat is checked, the pregnant woman must go to the hospital to check it.Don’t believe it, because we really may have gathers for a long time.One of my friends, before she raised cats, was confirmed to have a bow -shaped worm.Therefore, the relationship between we infected with parasites and cats and nourish cats has little to do, because there are too many sources of infection, and not cats are the only source of infection.

Third: All the work of shit is given to the family to do it. Pregnant women should not touch cat sand pots.In addition, cats can be prohibited from entering the bedroom of pregnant women, contacting pregnant women’s beds, and so on.

Fourth: If the elderly in the family really oppose your cat during pregnancy, then you can temporarily send the cat to your friends and relatives to foster, and wait for you to pick up the child.During pregnancy, the body is serious, don’t cause family conflicts because of these things.

Cat is also a member of our family. When we greet new members, we will lose the cat. Isn’t it too cruel?Pregnancy and cats are not two opposites. As long as they are properly handled, they can coexist.What do you think of your problem about pregnant cats?

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