Pregnancy can nails, hair dyeing, makeup, and high heels?

Pregnancy is the happiest moment in a woman’s life

But for many beautiful girls

Pregnancy means giving up your own beauty career

But seeing many female stars during pregnancy is also beautiful, is they pregnant with a fake pregnancy?

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Because of the particularity of the star occupation, they are more cautious than ordinary people on the road of love.

So can we do these things as our average person?

1. Nail: It is best not to.

Experts suggest that women who are pregnant should not apply nail polish; women engaged in the nail industry should leave the nail industry for some time in advance if they are preparing to be pregnant.Because most nail polish contains harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzenate, titanate, and chemical dyes such as formaldehyde, phenyl -dieves, titanate and chemical dyes;Health is unfavorable.A chemical called sorcharodolita can easily cause abortion or fetal malformations, and can also affect the baby’s fertility.

If you want to make your hands look good, you can choose the nail stickers that are currently popular on the market, which is harmless to the body and is very easy to use.Or find a trusted nail shop, now there are specialized babies with nail polish.

2. Hair dyeing: Choose natural materials

The harm of hair dye to the human body has not been particularly confirmed, but many mothers cannot stand the taste of hair dye.If you have to dye your hair, it is recommended to choose a hair dye with pure natural plant elements as much as possible, maintaining the original fresh ingredient of the herbal essence, does not contain chemical components, is harmless to the body, non -toxic, irritating, and sensitive.

3. Makeup: try to light makeup as much as possible

There are currently many makeup products made on pure natural materials on the market, which can be used during pregnancy.However, a series of changes will occur during the body during pregnancy. Girls’ skin will be particularly sensitive, so it is recommended to make light makeup and make the skin burden so big.

4. High -heeled shoes: body permission can be worn

Pregnancy can cause swelling of the body. If you add high heels, some expectant mothers may not be able to eat it. It is recommended to wear it in a state of physical permission.

Princess Kate refused to give up high heels during pregnancy

What else do you have during pregnancy?Tell me all!

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