Pregnancy caused the women’s breasts to be excessively developed, and the doctor removed the "two mountains" for her

Both pregnancy failed in two years, but the breast cup of Ms. Wang (pseudonym) has "soared", from B to F to amazing Q, which seriously affects her normal life.

Recently, Li Haiyan, director of the Breast Surgery of the Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, completed the huge breast shrinkage of Ms. Wang for Ms. Wang, removed the "two mountains" for her, removed 26 pounds of excess breast tissue, and reshaped bilateral breasts at the same time to help her returnhealthy lifestyle.

After two pregnancy induction, her breasts from B to Q from B to Q

Ms. Wang is 29 years old and is 1.56 meters tall. She is a kindergarten teacher.Two years ago, 55 kg of her first breasts suddenly swollen after her first pregnancy, accompanied by intermittent pain. In just 3 months, the breast cup developed rapidly from B to F, but the fetus did not keep it for some reason.

This year, Ms. Wang was induced after pregnancy again. The breast cup developed from F to amazing Q, weighed nearly 70 kilograms."Too large chests seriously affect my daily life. Neck and back pain, and my life is inconvenient; I dare not go out because I am afraid of being joked, and I dare not go to kindergarten to face the children …" Ms. Wang chokedexplain.

In the past two years, many hospitals have been informed of no surgery opportunities. Ms. Wang finally found the breast surgery of the Zhongshan Sixth Hospital.After color Doppler ultrasound, CT, etc., Li Haiyan initially diagnosed Ms. Wang for bilateral multi -sides, breast hypertrophy (breast milk).

Patients before (top), postoperative (below) chest enhancement CT

Big breasts refer to the excessive development of women’s breasts, the glands and fat connective tissues are over -hyperplasia, the volume is extraordinary, and it is obviously disordered with the body.This disease is more common in adolescent girls or young women, because the breast and fat connective tissue are extremely sensitive to estrogen.

"Women will secrete female hormones during pregnancy, and breast tissue growth is actually very common, but there are really few changes like Ms. Wang." Li Haiyan introduced that Ms. Wang has a long history, and the blood vessels and ligaments inside the breast have been drooping breasts for a long time.Pulling is no longer a normal breast tissue.After the necessary surgical resection, the team also needs to rebuild a healthy and beautiful breast for Ms. Wang.

The surgery lasted 9 hours and cut off 26 catties of excess breasts

After discussion and adequate conditional assessment, Li Haiyan’s team formulated a surgical plan for Ms. Wang: removing excess skin and glandular tissue to reshape the shape and correct the drooping breasts.

At 9 am on July 26, with the support and assistance of the anesthesiology, operating room, and blood transfusion department, the Li Haiyan team successfully implemented a single -hole laparoscopic assistance for Ms. Wang.The first phase of the expansion implantation+double breast reconstruction+left axillary paramilk resection+bilateral breast incision fine suture.The surgery lasted nearly 9 hours. The excess breast tissue was removed during the operation. It was 26 pounds. At the same time, the papile and areola composite tissue were transplanted smoothly to reshape Ms. Wang’s bilateral breasts.

Undergoing surgery

According to Li Haiyan, in order to be symmetrical, beautiful and natural after the operation of the bilateral breasts, each step of the operation requires accurate and fineness."Maintaining good blood supply after removing a large number of glands is one of the difficulties of surgery. In addition, breast skin is inverted T -shaped, so that the remaining skin is used for breast reconstruction, and the nipples and areolas are correctly transplanted. It is also surgery.Key. "

On the second day after the operation, Ms. Wang turned back from the ICU back to the general ward.After several weeks of comprehensive treatment and careful care, her vital signs tended to be stable, and her mental state became better and better, and she could gradually walk in the ward.Ms. Wang, who completely bid farewell to "Da Shan", is now recovering well: "It can be described by relief, and it feels that breathing has become smooth."

Li Haiyan reminded that breast narrowing plastic surgery has the dual significance of treatment and beauty.Many patients with busty disease will lose confidence, escape social, and easily reject social activities and breed unhealthy psychology due to their body shape.She suggested that women who have trouble this should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and decide whether to surgery according to the advice of a professional doctor.

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[Correspondent] Jianwen Yang Daixian Tang Xiaoyu

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