Pregnancy constipation how to do?Pregnant mothers need to do so

Constipation, a topic that is difficult to enlightenment.Although it is not a disease, it has a headache.

Constipation does not distinguish between men and women, but it seems to be more popular with a class, that is, pregnant women.According to a domestic survey, about 38%of pregnant women will have constipation.In other words, 3 to 4 of the 10 pregnant women will have constipation.Don’t underestimate this pregnancy constipation, its harm is beyond your imagination.

First of all, the most direct impact of constipation should be long hemorrhoids.Hemorrhoids not only aggravate constipation, but also the hemorrhoids in the third trimester of pregnancy will also be prominent. That kind of sourness can only be known if you have experienced it.In addition, hemorrhoids can also induce anemia during pregnancy and directly affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Secondly, there is risks of defecation.Constipation needs to be exhausted hard, and too hard force will increase the pressure of the abdominal cavity, cause uterine shrinkage, induce the rupture of the fetal membrane, and then premature or miscarriage.Even if it does not happen, continuous force will increase blood pressure, the red ears and red ears are small, but the uterine blood supply is insufficient, and the internal distress of the fetus is large.Therefore, you still need to be cautious!

Furthermore, constipation may also affect the birth process.For those pregnant mothers who have severe constipation, if there are too many stools accumulated in the intestine, they will hinder the fetal delivery and childbirth, causing difficulty in giving birth and endangering the health of maternal and infants.Therefore, it is necessary to clean the constipation before childbirth.

Since there is so much harm to constipation, how can we avoid it?In fact, if you want to avoid, you must find out the reason.

The first reason is the changes in hormones during pregnancy.The secretion of progesterone and growthin is increased. When the gastrointestinal gastrointestation is inhibited under the action of hormones, the time to stay in the body will be extended.The absorption of water weight in the back and colon also increased, and the water in the stool was less, and the naturalness became extremely hard. Over time, it became a constipation.

Second, the mechanical reason.In simple terms, as the baby’s head becomes bigger, it will inevitably cause compression to the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in a slowdown in its peristalsis.The relationship between the intestine and the stool is actually like the relationship between the conveyor belt and the goods. When the conveyor belt slows or stops, the stool is naturally slow.

In addition, diet and exercise are also very effective in constipation.The proportion of starch and meat in diet is too large, and the proportion of dietary fiber is too small. If you don’t like to drink water, it is naturally easy to constipation.If you always keep a static position, saying that people are always sitting or lying, then constipation will naturally find you.Of course, if you prefer some nutrient supplements, the risk of constipation will be higher.

In fact, constipation is not difficult to prevent it.Below, simply summarize a few:

First, you must pay attention to your diet.Eat more fruits and fruits and fruits. These foods rich in dietary fiber, especially those who have experience in constipation before, must eat less food rich in starch and eat more coarse grains and vegetables.If you have nothing to do, you can also eat foods rich in fatty acids such as nuts, as well as maltose and honey that can promote intestinal motility.

Second, you must drink plenty of water.Insufficient water in the body, constipation will increase, so drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day.If the water is insufficient, the feces cannot be formed, and if the stool is too small, it cannot stimulate the rectum to shrink, and there is no intention to produce it.In addition, remember that drinks can not replace water.

Third, we must develop the habit of regular defecation.Every morning and after meals, the most easy to appear, and the best to wake up in the morning.Therefore, after getting up, drink a glass of warm water or honey water on an empty stomach, and then eat breakfast to promote the upright reflection and gastrointestinal reflection after getting up.Moreover, the development of this habit must be developed in the early stages of pregnancy, and once the constipation occurs, it is a bit late.

Fourth, nothing happens.Many expectant mothers are sinking in the middle and late pregnancy and are prone to fatigue. They like Ge You lying. This is wrong.A moderate amount of exercise can enhance the contraction of the abdominal muscles of pregnant women, promote intestinal peristalsis, and prevent or reduce constipation.Therefore, even when the body is getting heavier, some exercise that can be done.

Fifth, good mentality is also important.Many expectant mothers are afraid of constipation, especially those who have constipation experience before pregnancy, so they consciously reduce the number of defecation. It is unknown that this consequence can only be more serious.In fact, whether worry or not, constipation is there, instead of being panicked every day, it is better to face it positively.

Of course, constipation during pregnancy is terrible, and reasonable prevention can resolve the crisis.

This article is scientifically controlled by Liu Yiqun, deputy researcher of the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the China Disease Control and Prevention.

(Responsible editors: Wu Yiwen, Wang Yanhua)

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