Pregnancy is banned, and pregnant mothers can also "go away" and collect this pregnancy tour guide during pregnancy

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Travel is the best medium to gain a sense of joy and romance -Mcingtosh

This year’s eleventh holiday is the longest for rest days. Because of the reasons for the Mid -Autumn Festival, the eleven holiday in 2020 is 8 days. The autumn golden eleven is inevitable.

Most people have already started planning in advance, but for pregnant mothers, travel is not so free and casual. There are more things that the baby needs to pay attention to in the stomach. Let’s take a look at the pregnant mother’s travel guide.Essence

结 The best event location: combined with your own choice

For the destination of pregnant women’s travel, the reference suggestions given are based on their own situation. Relatively speaking, the more you will feel more secure, the more convenient to play in China, and the discomfort of the journey will decrease.

However, like some high altitude areas, there are also some diving projects, as well as high -risk movements such as skiing, skating, and skydiving are not suitable for pregnant women.

You can choose a comfortable beach rest, you can also find an Internet celebrity five -star hotel for vacation, and you can go to the natural scenic area to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In short, try to choose a safe place to play.

The best travel time: 20 weeks of pregnancy to 30 weeks

In the middle of pregnancy, it is the most suitable time for pregnant mothers to travel, because avoiding some uncomfortable fatigue and vomiting reactions in the early pregnancy, expectant mothers in the middle of pregnancy will adapt to the rhythm of pregnancy, and the pregnancy will disappear.

During the third trimester, pregnant mothers still need to avoid traveling to the distant. Some pregnant women with high risk of their bodies should also act according to the doctor’s advice and do not travel reckless.

:The best way to travel: car

There are many restrictions on the plane, and the shaking of the ship will cause you to have discomfort. If you travel during pregnancy, the best way to transport is to take a car or home travel by car.

The car highway is relatively safe, and there are each rest area that can rest in a short period of time. However, pregnant mothers should not sit in the car for a long time.

The American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends that pregnant women do not fly after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Healthy pregnant women can actually fly freely, but airlines near the due date will also refuse your travel. For example, some expectant mothers with high risk have complications.Pay attention to many matters.

In order to keep the blood circulation smooth, pregnant mothers should wear some comfortable and loose clothes, and supplement the water in the body. Choose to sit in the aisle position. Relatively speaking, the center position will be comfortable and stable, but also a certain sense of space.

During the whole process of flying, you must fasten your seat belt. If you have any physical discomfort, you must ask the stewardess to ask for help in a timely manner. The flight attendants are trained for emergencies.

The metal detector at the airport will not have any impact on the pregnant mother. Because there is no X -ray, it will not cause harm to the baby.

1) Health assessment

Before traveling, it is best to ask your obstetrician to evaluate your physical health and avoid the risk of childbirth during the journey. Even if the doctor agrees, you must make a series of preparations.

No matter where to bring your own medical record copy, determine the hospitals and medical facilities of travel destinations, understand the contact information, and go directly to the doctor once an accident occurs.

2) Preparation of small snacks in luggage: The journey is to be worked, and the pregnant mother must always add physical energy. The necessary small snacks will also make the pregnant mother feel better.Loose clothing: Choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes for travel. Try to choose a big size as much as possible, because it is easy to swell during the walking process. It is best to prepare more than 2 pieces of clothing.Massage stick: Long -distance fatigue requires some massage instruments. Pregnant mothers can prepare some lightweight massage instruments to eliminate the fatigue of the journey and help eliminate edema.Sun protection and cold: According to the weather in the weather, pregnant mothers should prepare sunscreen or cold objects to make enough equipment.

3) It is not advisable to travel alone

Pregnant mothers must be accompanied by people throughout the process. It is best to travel together with the companion’s family. This way, a lover is accompanied by him.

When you feel tired, you can also take care of your body. During the process of playing, it is mainly based on a relaxed rhythm. Do not over -tiredness and check the local weather and environmental transportation medical care.

【Mu Mu Mu Mu]

Pregnancy does not mean being banned. Pregnant mothers can still have the dream of walking away, but remember to focus on the premise of physical health. Focus on safety. Before the child is born, sort out your bags with your baby with your baby to enjoy with your baby.A beautiful journey!

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