Pregnancy is too nervous and psychological pressure, pregnant mothers should do this

Women are pregnant, and they are usually cautious everywhere, for fear that something is not good for the baby.Especially the pregnant mother who is pregnant with the first child, because of lack of experience, in the face of unknown everything, the tension is a bit more.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should face various physiological performance, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, lethargy, etc., which also increases pregnant mothers with psychological pressure.I ca n’t eat well, I ca n’t sleep well.

In addition to various physical discomfort during pregnancy, we are also psychologically affected by great pressure.It may be derived from love, family relationships, dissatisfaction in work, etc., and even our unreasonable mood becomes irritable.Among them, it is estimated that only if you are pregnant.

Do you need not pay attention to psychological pressure during pregnancy?Can you come to personal management!Come and let Xiaobian teach you to relieve the psychological pressure during pregnancy!

At this time, the pregnant father should help pregnant mothers and let pregnant mothers surround them in love and support. If pregnant mothers need help, they should propose in time, and don’t be stubborn.You can also talk to friends in your spare time, don’t let yourself think more about it.Be sure to take good care of yourself. When you have three meals, you have a balanced nutrition and sufficient rest.

Slow -pressure trick

Mild pressure

When the pregnant girl is uncomfortable, don’t spread lazily on the bed. A small pregnant woman may drive away our discomfort. Come on, the pregnant girl moves.

Reminder: The girls should not do pregnant women in the early pregnancy, because the baby at this time is not very stable.Pregnant girls must pay attention to safety when doing pregnant women. Doing exercises should be slow, and the time should not exceed 15 minutes. If you find it uncomfortable during the exercise period, you should stop it in time.

Food slowdown

"Happy Food" brings happiness in minutes.Our common happy foods include bananas, potatoes, raisins and other dried fruits, fish, mushrooms and so on.Among them, fish can choose catfish, carp, catfish, cuttlefish, grass carp or fish, etc. Among them, catfish is the best. It has functions such as qi and spleen, clearing heat and detoxifying, hydrophilic swelling, and milk.

Reminder: Pregnant girls try to eat different types of fish as much as possible, twice a week, the amount of fish eating does not exceed 340 grams per week.Studies have shown that eating fish often can prevent premature birth.

Pregnant mothers must know that the pressure conference is not conducive to the health of themselves and the fetus. Therefore, we must learn to relieve stress, maintain psychological health, and enjoy the pregnancy.

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