Pregnancy saying: Seven months pregnant, does lying flat have an impact on the baby?Many expectant mothers are still unclear

Introduction: The correct sleeping position of the pregnant mother has an important impact on the development of the fetus. A recent mother who was pregnant for seven months asked me: "I like to lie down when I sleep, so does it affect the baby?"Doubt, let’s take a look.

The correct sleeping position during pregnancy

1. Early pregnancy (1-3 months)

In the early stages of pregnancy, Baoma’s body did not change much. The baby had just developed in the uterus and was less affected by external forces. Therefore, she didn’t have to care about the sleeping position too much.But it is best not to sleep on your stomach, or hold a doll to sleep, you can sleep in other sleeping positions.

2. In the middle of pregnancy (4-6 months)

In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus grew up slowly. At this time, the pregnant mother should protect the pregnant belly at any time to avoid external squeezing.Pregnant mothers can take the sleeping position on the left side to reduce discomfort and improve sleep quality.

3. Late pregnancy (7-10 months)

The sleeping position in the third trimester is more beneficial to the left side of the pregnant mother and the fetus. Sleeping in the third trimester should not only pay attention to the best sleeping position, but also have a good sleep environment to reduce insomnia and other phenomena.I remember that at the time, I couldn’t sleep a little movement and voice.

Taboo sleeping position during pregnancy

1. lying on your back

It will affect blood circulation and oxygen supply. Pregnant mothers are prone to dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, and even difficult to fall asleep.At the same time, the uterus compresses the ureter and does not urinate smoothly, which may lead to pregnancy poisoning, which will endanger life in severe cases.

2. lying down

Normal people generally do not adopt this sleeping position. Pregnant women sleep on their stomachs with a big belly, and the difficulty factor is quite high.

3. Lie on the right side

Due to the right rotation of the uterus, the right side of the right side may involve blood vessels that provide nutrients, affect the blood supply and oxygen supply of the fetus, and it is easy to cause chronic hypoxia on the fetus.

Preparation before bedtime

1. Drinking a cup of milk before going to bed is good for sleep.It should be noted that do not sleep immediately after drinking milk, and drink two hours before bedtime. In addition, do not drink fruit juice, honey water and drinks. These foods have too high sugar content.

2. Choose cotton, comfortable, loose pajamas, which is conducive to improving sleep quality.

3. Ensure indoor ventilation.Pay attention to the indoor environment refreshing and comfortable, do not use air conditioners for too long.

4. Pay attention to the indoor sound insulation and light -blocking effect, and try to avoid excessive sound or too strong light.

Important tips: The sleeping position during pregnancy will affect the baby. It is best to take the left side of the left side, especially in the third trimester. The pregnant mothers think about the growth and development of the baby and the health of the health.Cultivate the sleeping position that is most conducive to the safe and healthy baby.

Today’s topic: Bao moms, which kind of sleeping position do you use during pregnancy?Is it because the sleeping position affects your sleep quality?Welcome to discuss together.

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