Pregnancy test paper is positive and pregnant!

Today, the editor saw the dog blood drama and said: The hostess and vomiting were nauseous when eating, and I bought the pregnancy test and determined that I was pregnant!Such a casual TV series can’t help but vomit.The reality often occurs on TV where TV often staged.

I taught you contraception in the last issue. I don’t pay attention to it earlier. No, I suspect what to do with pregnancy?Alas, this month’s aunt seems to have been postponed for more than ten days. Is menstruation disorders? "

In this year of this year, when the world is single, it will be done when you come up?Don’t get off the car this time?

"Tell you, maybe you are already a quasi -mother at this moment."

In reality, most women are not aware of when they are pregnant, or the first reaction is to go to the pharmacy to check the pregnancy test paper to detect whether they are pregnant, but can a test paper really determine that pregnancy?Is there a special response during pregnancy?How to determine whether you are pregnant?I am aggressive, ha!Taking advantage of today, I will answer you one by one:

"True" and "fake" pregnancy test strip test the true knowledge?

The answer is: no, no, no!

Knowing that I have an early pregnancy, the most commonly used method is the pregnancy test paper. The price is cheap and convenient. It can be measured by 10-14 days after conception. The accuracy rate is close to 95%.Even if you know you are pregnant, but I don’t know if you are normal or abnormal.Therefore, when you are pregnant, you still have to go to the hospital for examination.

What reactions are pregnant?

1. Mentalities: If you usually have menstrual rules and suddenly delayed menstruation, especially more than 10 days, then you should be highly suspected of your pregnancy.By menopause for more than two months, the possibility of pregnancy is more likely.

2. Early pregnancy reaction: For about 6 weeks of menopause, chills, dizziness, saliva, fatigue, drowsiness, lack of appetite, like acid, dislike greasy, nausea, morning vomiting and other symptoms.Some people will ask: Isn’t this a cold?Indeed, the symptoms of a cold are not cold, which depends on the identification of expectant mothers.

3. Frequent urination: I feel that it has an inextricable bond with the toilet.This is due to the enlarged uterine compression of the bladder.

4. Breast change: Conscious breast pain, nipple areola, deepening, may find that the underwear you just bought can not be worn again.

Are there any ways to determine that they are really pregnant?

1. Pregnancy test: Multiple early pregnancy test strips to detect urine. The result is positive and can be suspected of pregnancy. Generally, the blood-HCG and progesterone, coupled with the reaction of pregnancy, can be diagnosed almost as pregnancy.

2. Ultrasonic examination: Type B ultrasound examination diagnose early pregnancy quickly and accurate methods.Vaginal ultrasound diagnostic than abdominal ultrasonic diagnosis can be a week in advance, and the vaginal B ultrasonic can be diagnosed at 4-5 weeks before menopause.At 5 weeks of menopause, germ and primitive heart tube beating in the pregnancy sac can be diagnosed as intrauterine pregnancy and live tires.

3. Cervical mucus examination: This needs to go to the hospital, take cervical mucus, and find the bean -shaped ellipse of the arranged. It can help diagnose pregnancy.

4. Basic body temperature measurement: When you open your eyes every morning, you can measure your body temperature. If you find that the body temperature is higher than the normal body temperature, and the body temperature increases for 18 days, the possibility of early pregnancy is high.

In short, if you are pregnant, you still have to do pregnancy test as soon as possible to clarify pregnancy.It is determined that the pregnancy must go to the hospital in a timely manner to improve the relevant early pregnancy examination. Especially when the menopause is 6-7 weeks, the B ultrasonic examination can clarify the intrauterine pregnancy, excrete the ectopic pregnancy, understand the development of the embryo, determine the pregnancy week, and eliminate other pathological conditions.

Having said so much, has it been understood now?

Shenma, is there any question?IntersectionAfter class, Benjun refused to answer

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