Pregnancy vomiting: Normal reaction still needs attention?

Pregnancy is a common physical response during pregnancy, but we need to pay attention to the situation where you have nearly ten daily vomiting and emotional excitement.The following is my popular science interpretation of this topic:

1. Commonness of pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the common symptoms in early pregnancy. About 70 % to 80 % of pregnant women will experience pregnancy.This is a normal physiological reaction caused by factors such as hormone changes, gastrointestinal function changes, and emotional fluctuations.

2. Severe pregnancy: In most cases, pregnancy vomiting is short -lived, self -limiting, and gradually reduces or disappears as the pregnancy process changes.However, if pregnancy is too frequent, durable, accompanied by severe dehydration, decreased weight, loss of appetite, etc., you may need to pay attention to whether there is a pregnancy drama vomiting or high pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy vomiting: Pregnancy vomiting is a serious form of pregnancy vomiting, which is rare, but the harm may be greater.It will not only cause malnutrition, but also cause dehydration and electrolyte disorders, and even need to be hospitalized.If you are suspected of having pregnancy, it is recommended to seek help from a professional doctor in time.

4. The importance of psychological support: nearly ten daily pregnancy and emotional excitement may imply that her physical and mental state is under great pressure.During pregnancy, especially in the case of severe pregnancy, providing emotional support is essential.Family, friends and professional psychological counselors can help pregnant women alleviate emotional distress, provide psychological support, and promote physical and mental health.

Summary: Pregnancy is a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy, however, the severity and duration of pregnancy need to attract attention.Doubt the situation of pregnancy and vomiting should seek medical treatment in time to ensure the safety of the pregnancy process.In addition, emotional support for pregnant women is also very important.(XF)

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