pregnant?Congratulations!But we are not very assured!

Once you have sex, menopause and irregular vaginal bleeding with abdominal pain need to be vigilant!

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Xiaobian, I pointed out, blindly guessing the ectopic pregnancy …


Because it is not only …

Let patients experience a huge psychological change of "joy to loss",

Also let the medical staff always be upset …

I’m afraid of "bursting" when it will be!

The baby’s heart is bitter …

We all know that under normal circumstances, women have one uterus and two ovaries.The bridge connecting the uterus and ovaries is the fallopian tube.After men and women fell in love, sperm entered the women’s uterus through the vagina.

The uterus is like this!

Sperm is like a small tadpole, swimming quickly.But sperm and small tadpoles are different. It has only 7 days of life. Only when the other half of it is found can its life "continue".Therefore, countless "small tadpoles" desperately swim and find the other half, that is, eggs.If the eggs are not found in the uterus, they even swim out of the uterus through the fallopian tube.In short, whoever grabs the opportunity, the new life is born.

Children!Chong Duck …

Women’s ovarian usually can only be discharged from an egg a month. If the eggs are discharged with the first sperm, it closed the door and no longer accepts other sperm. This forms fertilized eggs.Then the pair of "就" began to enjoy the "honeymoon" trip.The days of "honeymoon" are sweet and beautiful, they will integrate into one (fertilized egg), and their bodies will grow up quickly.In fact, the fertilized egg also knows that only the uterus is the home. The environment at home is good, which is most conducive to its further growth.Therefore, in the end, I still have to go home (uterine).

However, the width and height of the tubal bridge gallery are limited after all. If you do not return home at the prescribed time, you can forget the time when eating, drinking, and fun. If your body grows too fat, you will not go to the "bridge gallery" or stuck in the middle of the "bridge gallery".EssenceJust like a child who is playing outside, there is no way to find the way home. There is really no way, just find a local camp outside.Clinically, we often find gestational sacs in the spleen and liver.

The fertilized eggs that cannot be returned to the uterus are clinically called ectopic pregnancy, commonly known as "ectopic pregnancy", which is a common emergency in gynecology.

With the implementation of the comprehensive two -child policy, the number of pregnancy people has increased, and the incidence of ectopic pregnancy has a rise.In our usual gynecological emergency work, more than half of the emergency hospitalization patients are ectopic pregnancy patients.

The fertilized eggs who did not return to the uterus, one -third of the growth environment was not good, lack of food and wearing, and eventually died naturally.However, most of the gestational sacs in the fallopian tube have broken the fallopian tube due to the grew up of the "body", causing major bleeding in the body and endangering life.

Therefore, doctors let you lie in the ward to observe quietly, really not just talking!

Broken when you say nothing …

In the early stages of ectopic pregnancy, there was no feeling and no feeling. Patients even felt that doctors were exaggerating their words and intentionally scaring.However, once the bleeding is ruptured, the condition is often very critical, and the patient will soon have a blood -loss shock, syncope, etc., and even life -threatening.Therefore, women in childcare should not relax at ectopic pregnancy.

The most common parts of ectopic pregnancy are fallopian tubes. So what causes fallopian tubes?

Voluna itself

Donistor damage: inflammation or previous history of fallopian tube -related surgery (incomplete ligation, previously cut embryo, etc.), causing tubal lumen stenosis, hindering the passage of fertilized eggs, making the fertilized eggs bed at the fallopian tube.The increase in blocks is obvious, and it is easy to cause rupture and bleeding.For example: the clothes and pants are tight, and it is easy to crack after putting it on.

Dysplasia of fallopian tubes or slender itself. For example: Under normal circumstances, run 800 meters to the end, but some people’s runways are lengthened to 1000 meters, and fertilized eggs can’t run, and they can only stop planting halfway.

Donatal compression: Due to fibroids, cysts, wide ligament tumors and other factors, the fallopian tubes are compressed and deformed, which hinders its smooth flow.


In -the -palace birthday: Because the birth ring is more effective in preventing the bed in the uterus from the fertilized eggs than preventing the fallopian tube from bed. If the patient has a ring of pregnancy, the probability of fallopian tubes will have higher probability.


The fertilized egg walked in one side of the fallopian tube through the uterine cavity or abdominal cavity to bed to the other side of the fallopian tube to form fallopian tube pregnancy.This explains why IVF directly plant the embryo in the uterine cavity, but rhinone pregnancy occurs.

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