Pregnant daughter -in -law brought lunch to work, took the wrong mother -in -law’s box lunch for her aunt, and opened the box lunch to cry more than tears.

Pregnant daughter -in -law brought lunch to work, took the wrong box lunch for her mother -in -law, and opened the box lunch to cry more.

I am Xiaoli, 32 years old, and my first half of my life was miserable.

When I was a teenager, my parents died in a car accident. My grandparents at home, because I was a female baby, and after my parents died, I also occupied our house and drove me out of my house.

After my parents had the responsibility of the other party, my parents compensated us for 1 million.Unfortunately, these money did not all reach my hands.

My grandparents took 500,000, and my grandfather and grandmother saw my grandparents with money, and they also asked 300,000.

My mother was not their biological. At that time, they all told me that they had taken the money, and I had nothing to do with them. I did n’t need to manage anything in the future.

The remaining 200,000, because the village chief couldn’t stand it, and fought for me. I used these 200,000 to stay in the school and kept studying hard until I graduated from college.

After I joined the work by myself, the days were a little better.

After work, I accidentally met my current husband. Since he knew my experience, he was distressed to me.It’s very good to me.

Two years after we fell in love, we met his parents and married.After marriage, we lived in a house ourselves.He also has a sister in high school.

I became pregnant a year later. My husband asked my mother -in -law to take care of me. In fact, I did n’t feel good at first. I do n’t like living with my mother -in -law. I ’m afraid of contradictions, because I heard that there are too many contradictions in my mother -in -law.

But her husband said that it’s okay, his mother is good at talking and kind.I can’t just agree.

Because the aunt was studying, if the mother -in -law came to my house, the aunt would also need to follow, otherwise no one at home cooks for her.

I have always felt that my aunt didn’t like me very much, and I tried to contact her as little as possible.The mother -in -law is indeed as her husband says, and does not love to talk, but she will clean up the family, and also change the trick to cook for us.

My husband, husband, and aunt, I will bring my mother -in -law for lunch before walking every morning. One morning I was anxious to go to work in the morning, just took a lunch box, and opened it when I ate at noon.Every time I have meat.

After arriving home at night, my husband said, mom, you opened me today, so good.

At this time, I knew that my mother -in -law gave me lunch for me and my husband. I suddenly moved to think of this. For the first time, someone valued me so much.

My mother -in -law said to her husband, what, that is, you have taken the wrong lunch box with Xiaoli’s lunch box. Xiaoli now needs nutrition when you are pregnant. You are fat and you do n’t need to eat meat.

Husband said, mom, you are eccentric, I am your child.

My mother -in -law said, Xiaoli is still my dear daughter -in -law.Xiaoli had eaten so much hardly before, and now we should treat her well.

Watching their mother and son’s fun, I cried very much, and I was very happy that I could marry such a family. Today, I have my mother -in -law love, my husband cherishes, and there will be children in the future.

I think the grievances in the first half of my life, my husband and mother -in -law will double back to me.


Xiaoli, hearing what you said when you were a kid, really sympathetic. Your grandparents and grandmother’s grandparents were too much to bully you.

Fortunately, you meet your husband, a husband who loves you and the mother -in -law who feels distressed.

I hope your life can live better and better.

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