Pregnant girlfriend, kill the Quartet (177)

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——A Tianxue once thought about finding Qian Minghui, but was warned by Zhang Ye, saying that Qian Minghui would take a vacation right away, and he would not care about them, and could not control it. He also said that they should be figured out who is the boss.people.

"Then, after two days, this month’s commission was half less. After that, we changed the financial system. After that, I took half of it and the other half was deducted for three months. I later asked.And only in the business stage. "

The little assistant was at a loss: "Sister Qian, I really can’t help it."

Amy has recently been an outdoor advertising network in Zhejiang. No one can say that sweet snow will say that if the crew threatened today to drive people away, the little assistant would not dare to make this call.

Qian Minghui stood up from the sofa. Is this Zhang Ye targeting her?Anyway, she was going to take a vacation. Take the sweet snow and try the knife.

She put her mobile phone back in her pocket: "Let’s go, let’s go to Hebei."


Wen Yang didn’t move. He looked at Qian Minghui, and finally pulled her hand on his heart. The heart was banging, and the pulse was powerful.

how?Qian Minghui puzzled him, she looked at him.

"I checked this film and television base before, saying that it was a film and television base, but in fact it was affixed to their faces. In fact, it was an undisclosed old scenic area located in the remote mountainous areas."

At the beginning of this century more than ten years ago, the film and television industry appeared for the first time. Many places across the country began to repair special film and television bases. What Tang Palace and Hancheng blossomed everywhere. There were several provinces.

Including small counties in the mountains, they are also trying to start the tourism industry, and they want to share a share.

After the hot money came in to cool down, it was a hard shell of the place. After the storm, many half -pull scenic spots left the country.

This time, the sweet snow went to such a scenic spot. In the mountains in the central Hebei, the scenery was beautiful, but it was desolate and in line with the needs of the plot, but life and driving were not so convenient.

"You have been almost eight and a half months, and you are pregnant with twins. I still lived in the hospital before. I don’t worry." Wen Yang said deeply that he pressed Qian Minghui’s hand, and her palm was still on his heart.

Qian Minghui was a little moved: "What do you say?"

Find an assistant solution?Just kidding, her assistant was borrowed by Zhang Ye last week and did not pay back. Find Qu Jin?Still joking, if they want to solve it, they will not be dragged to this day.

This play was stuffed with people with a relationship with her before, but her relationship was not very hard. She could be stuffed to the female three and had already sold a big face.

No one cares about a cold. You do n’t do anything. Qian Minghui is not so capable in this line.

Regardless of the boss, the artist has no company’s dependence. Without the background, it is only sooner or later.

"She is actually a victim of the new and old alternation. She blocks the gun for me," Qian Minghui was discouraged, "Wen Yang, I can’t help but, otherwise they will really leave the child there and let her die.And in the end I will plant it on me. "

Qian Minghui retracted his hand, "There is a beginning and end, in any way, I have to go through."

She touched her belly, twisted her eyebrows, and wanted to be so good if she was not pregnant, but she quickly abandoned annoyance and unwillingness to let herself think about it.

Do things first, and then solve emotional problems.


Wen Yang went to the balcony to call, called one by one, gave the sister -in -law Qian Mingyan, and gave Qian Minghui’s exclusive doctor.

Qian Mingyan is very cheerful: "Do you want to go? So important? OK, I’ll take a midwife to follow, I ask for two days off."

The doctor is even more refreshing: "Pay attention to it, it’s okay. In these months, there are no problems in the production inspection in all aspects. As long as you avoid bumping and emotional excitement, it’s okay."

So one hour later, they set off. Wen Yang drove his wife in front. Qian Mingyan took a midwife to the back. The two cars were not mighty, but they were also prestigious.

The sweet snow in Hebei didn’t know anything. She was crying in the mountains, facing the little assistant who was temporarily adjusted temporarily.

The little assistant just asked for a circle of people, begging everywhere, and also seeking Zhang Ye’s head. Mr. Zhang was very angry and the consequences were very serious.

Zhang Yan just said a cold, and the question was done. Are you so idle?OK, you can find a car to Shijiazhuang in the middle of the night. There are offline activities of several anchors in the company over there.

The little assistant called to rent a car. When the car arrived in the middle of the night, she went back three steps back and did not dare to call out. The company squeezed their contracts, and they were obedient.

Sweet Snow was sitting on the stone pier at the door of the inn, crying for a long time, dizzy, and his face was swollen.

Is it because the company did not listen to the company that day?Or is it because he and Sister Qian are too close?

I heard that the commission system of the head anchor is going to be changed. From the previous Sanqi to 28th, the company is now becoming more and more crazy. This year, the head of the short video company has been on the top chair.It’s right.

Is it because of this?She didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand. She just felt sad.

The crew said that her body was not good. In the past few days, she was sick and delayed her progress. She asked her to go home and recuperate. The crew was looking for someone.

She has been asking for a day today, but there is no effect. It is a small assistant at night. I may leave herself on herself tomorrow morning.

But she didn’t want to leave. She felt that she was really filming. If she didn’t finish it, she left.

She didn’t want to tell Amy that she didn’t want to worry about her love for herself.

Sweet Xue didn’t know how long he had sitting on the stones outside, until the tears were glowing, and when he was stupid, he suddenly heard a shout.

"Sweet Snow, what are you sitting on a stone? Want to look at the stone?"


Sweet Snow turned his head and looked at it. Seeing Qian Minghui sitting in a car opposite the road, he was shook down the window and frowned at herself.

She rubbed her eyes and rubbed it.

"Don’t rub it, it’s me." Qian Minghui seemed to laugh and laughed. "Is your sister Qian’s light, and you will be blinded?"

Wen Yang opened slowly. After more than 500 miles, he opened for 7 hours, and he was almost dawn. She woke up in the back seat of the car and woke up. It was really convinced.

It’s really dazzling. Now it is the darkest time before the dawn, and it is dark in ink that cannot be opened.

They wanted to find a place to sleep, and when they were officially dawn, they went to the crew again. As a result, they turned around and found that there was only one inn in the desolate place where the bird did not shit, which was the one that the crew lived.

Going to the front to stop, I found the sweet snow sitting on the big stones on the side of the road.

Is this girl a bad mind?In the middle of the night of October in the northern mountains, the cold was heavy, and it was still sitting on the stone. Isn’t it frozen?

Qian Minghui was convinced, and she found that cleverness is also a talent, not everyone.

"Why don’t you call you if you don’t answer it? What about running out?" Qian Minghui got out of the car and looked at it, his eyes were red like a rabbit.

"The phone didn’t bring it. I sent the little assistant to go. I didn’t want to go in. The people in the room were sleeping." Sweet Xue said.

Qian Minghui glanced at the ruined inn in front of him, sighed, and let’s not ask for a single room. Although it was written on the contract, the crew should have no way.

Qian Minghui introduced his brother and the little nurse. Several people and Sweet Snow entered the inn.

The room is not expensive, and there are also empty remains, 120 nights, there is still the standard room.

After finishing the check -in, Qian Minghui led the sweet snow to the house, and inquired about the specific situation first.

"It’s wrong. From the beginning, if it’s not inconvenient, according to the reasoning of your first scene, whether it is a woman, I should come to visit the class and even accompany it."

Qian Minghui handed it to a cup of warm water, "Take medicine first, let’s talk slowly."


Just now Qian Mingyan gave the medicine brought to Sweet Snow. Sweet Snow kept holding it in her hand. She quickly ate.

There were only Qian Minghui and Sweet Snow in the room. Because Sweet Snow was a girl, Qian Minghui did not let Wen Yang stay in the room. Instead, he rushed to his brother’s room next door and asked him to sleep quickly.

Sweet Snow emotions stabilized, and slowly speaking about the experience of half a month.

At first, it was good and nothing happened. Even after her and Amy’s affairs were made public ten days ago, the crew director and producer were unhappy. I felt that she was a female three, so there were so many plays, and they were still the same.influential……

"At that time, they said several times, but I didn’t pay back. I knew that this was a must. I started to get sick until five days ago, and I found that their attitude changed."

Sweet Snow did not delay the progress and dared to dare. Her fever and dizziness persisted. The crew began to live in her room. She didn’t say anything. The little assistant was going to quarrel.

"I don’t know where there is a problem. They stabbed and said that my play was not good. It was not good. I was definitely not good for the first time I filmed.

Sweet Xue was so wronged that she didn’t know what was good. She looked at Qian Minghui and shed tears.

No one cares for her. After half a year, she was thrown into the situation where no one cares about no one. At this time, how many fans of the way are not enough, they have to suffer.

"I know." Qian Minghui got up. She looked at the faint light sky outside, and heard the sound of someone walking around.

"There are early scenes today? What time do they usually start? Do you have a notice today?"

Sweet Xue replied honestly: "There are early scenes, the director will have a meeting in the morning, and you should wake up. I have no announcement today."

Qian Minghui whispered: "How many people have you slept in your room now? Do you live with the little assistant? Isn’t it a standard room? How can you add people?"

Sweet Snow lowered his head: "It is a standard room, but later added a bed, they said that the budget was not enough."

Qian Minghui turned to the next door and took the door open. Qian Mingyan was helpless: "We just slept."

"I don’t look for you." Qian Minghui went straight in. Wen Yang had already got up and was rubbing his eyes.

"Husband," Qian Minghui was gentle and gently kissed his face, "Come, give me a bodyguard."

Wen Yang got out of bed quickly, and it was crisp and neat.


There are no elevators in the Xiao Po Inn. They all stepped down on the 11th road. There were many crews. In order to save costs, the entire first floor was included.

Qian Minghui went upstairs and walked along the corridor to the innermost. She glanced at sweet snow, and the sweet snow stepped forward.

Wen Yang stood at the door and stayed at the last one.

As soon as Qian Minghui entered the house, he swept around, and his face was cold.

The size of the room is the same. Originally, it was a standard room, and it was probably a dozen square meters. Now it is stuffed with three beds of one meter two. It can be imagined how crowded, and almost there is no place to fall.

Except for the bed closest to the toilet, there were no one in the toilet, and the other two were lying now, the quilt was arched, and he was still sleeping.

Qian Minghui frowned and turned to ask Sweet Snow: "Don’t say that you have added bed, but these three beds now sleep two people. If the little assistant does not leave, how do you sleep?"

Sweet Snow refers to the bed near the toilet: "I live with Xiaolin and I sleep, and squeeze is enough."

Qian Minghui looked at the bed full of clothes and was almost alive.

I have followed her for a year and experienced storms. When can this bun character be changed?

Both of the two beds woke up, but no one got up. There was a woman even scolded and said, saying that they would not let people sleep.

Qian Minghui didn’t say a word. In the past, he kicked with his feet directly and kicked all the clothes on the sweet snow bed with his feet and stepped on the ground.

"Throw these garbage, don’t take up the position." She said coldly, "Go, pull the curtains away, a smell of smell, you have to disperse."

She was more effective than anything. As soon as she finished speaking, the people in the two beds were snoring, and they all sat up. One long hair and short hair looked at them angrily.

Fortunately, I wore pajamas, and Qian Minghui said.

Her Malaysian golden knife sat down on the sweet snow bed, and the shoe tipped the clothes on the ground. She heard a scream with a scream.


"Why do you throw my clothes!"

"Where’s the stinky biao, what do you do?"

Qian Minghui had a vertical eyebrow and sneered several times: "Your clothes? I thought it was a rag? Isn’t this used to wipe the ground?"

After she said, she crushed again, a particularly angry look.

Both women opened the quilt and got off the bed, one stood under the bed, and one stood on the bed, and scolded directly.

"Who are you? You are so rampant?"

"Which green onion do you count? Do you know that the old lady’s leisure is in my belly, do you know the children in your belly?"

The mineral water bottle in Qian Minghui lost it: "How to accumulate? Is it a lot of virtue to burn it for you? This room is sweet and snow.Just roll me! "

She pointed at the door, but her stomach was imposing: "I am the agent of sweet snow. I come here to settle the account today. One by one, you don’t want to run away."

The woman who was swearing in a row wanted to rush over, and the other pulled her and muttered a few words.

It means that don’t be impulsive. Sweet Snow has been ordered by the crew yesterday. Of course, they are not afraid of making trouble, but if they accompany the trouble, they will go together and they will not be able to draw.

Anyway, Sweet Snow is now barefoot. If they are pulling them as cushions, they are not fooled.

The two women did not avoid it, and each sentence said loudly.

Qian Minghui couldn’t see the provocation. He took out the mobile phone that he knew he knew, that is, one of the deputy guides of the crew made a call and asked him to come over.

The deputy directors are gone, saying that they are not in the crew, saying that they are responsible for foreign affairs, and have recently prepared the next scene in other places.

Anyway, I am not in the crew, what do you do, I don’t know anything.

Qian Minghui glanced at Sweet Snow. Sweet Snow just told her that the deputy director ate box lunch in the crew last night. Only one night, people left?

It’s not left, it’s just avoided, avoid suspicion.

Qian Minghui shouted Wen Yang, Wen Yang stood at the door, and she used a painting on the ground with a chin. It was a decorative painting hanging on the wall.No one cares about it, she came in and saw it.

"We go to other people, this is off, my husband, you hung it back."

Wen Yang’s sound, he walked in to pick up the frame and nails on the ground, raised his hand and pressed it with his thumb, pressed a new hole with a nail on the complete wooden wall, and hung the frame.

"Okay, let’s go." He reached out to hold his wife, ignoring the two women who were completely stunned next to him.

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