Pregnant mother, do not diarrhea easily during pregnancy

The whole process of pregnancy can be said to be mixed.During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body of pregnant mothers, diarrhea is easily affected by external factors.Fetal baby is afraid of diarrhea, because diarrhea will affect the absorption of the nutrients of pregnant mothers.Frequent and severe diarrhea may cause uterine contraction and cause abortion.Pregnant mothers have diarrhea, drink plenty of water, eat more rice rice, do not eat spicy stimulus, cold and greasy foods, and at the same time observe whether the baby’s condition is good.

What is the reason for pregnant women’s diarrhea

What is the reason for pregnant women diarrhea?After pregnancy, although pregnant women will have some common diseases before pregnancy, the care of the disease pays more attention to the care of the disease than before pregnancy.For example, pregnant women have diarrhea, pregnant women have a cold, etc.Individual pregnant women will have diarrhea after pregnancy. The cause of diarrhea in pregnant women is mainly due to changes in hormone levels in the body. The gastric empty time is prolonged, and the small intestinal peristalsis is related to diarrhea due to external factors.

1. Causes of infection: bacteria and viruses are infected by digestive tract.Infection is the most common cause of diarrhea for pregnant women.The most common pathogens infected are Salmonella, Zhiga Dynthemacteria, Candidae and virus.Food poisoning or virus infection in other parts can also cause diarrhea in pregnant women.

2. Dietary cause: I like to eat some cold foods, cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, accelerate intestinal motility, which causes diarrhea; eaten rough, spoiled food and bad eating habits, or caused by seafood and other food allergies;Eating foods that are not easy to digest also cause diarrhea.

4. Cold: If you often stay in the air conditioning room or sleep on the air conditioner, the abdomen is prone to cooling, causing the intestinal motility to accelerate and cause diarrhea.

3. Causes of other chronic diseases: such as thyroid disease, tuberculosis, colitis, etc.

Symptoms of pregnant women diarrhea

Under normal circumstances, the normal defecation of the pregnant mother is once a day, and the exclusion is solid and group, but the pregnant mothers who have diarrhea are more hard.When pregnant mothers encounter diarrhea, the following three features will appear, including frequent stools, diluted stools, and abdominal pain, specifically:

1. Frequent number of times, usually 4-5 times a day;

2. Discipline, the shape, color, and odor changes, contain pus, blood, mucus, indigestion of food, fat, or yellow dilute water, green dilute, sour smell;

3. During the diarrhea, it is accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, falling, post -murmuring, and severe anal burning pain.

Does the diarrhea of pregnant women affect the fetus?

Those who are pregnant are very fragile. A little wind blowing may cause miscarriage or more severe damage. What we want to discuss with expectant mothers here is: Does pregnant women have a diarrhea affect the fetus? How should we avoid this situation.Woolen cloth?

First of all, frequent or severe diarrhea occur during pregnancy. Do not take medicine in time to stop it, which will affect the absorption of nutrients in pregnant women and affect the nutritional status of the fetus.Secondly, when diarrhea, women will secrete a natural chemical component called prostaglandin, which will further stimulate the intestine and increase the symptoms of diarrhea. At the same time, this chemical component can also stimulate uterine contraction, which may lead to abortion and premature birth.In the end, some diarrhea itself is a premature or aborted warning pregnant women must pay attention.

What to do if pregnant women have diarrhea

Many pregnant women have become very tense as soon as they have diarrhea. In fact, many diarrhea is caused by life factors. It is functional diarrhea. Even if emotional changes are great, diarrhea may cause diarrhea.If diarrhea shows no signs of infection, then you can start from life and take medicine as little as possible.

1. First of all, it is necessary to properly replenish the water and electrolyte due to the loss of diarrhea, especially the potassium ions, to add the calories lost due to diarrhea.At the same time, we must closely observe whether the fetal condition is good and the signs of premature or miscarriage.

2. Pay special attention to medication.Pregnant women use antibiotics to be particularly careful. A variety of antibiotics and antigen drugs commonly used. In addition to adverse reactions, many potential terators may be disabled.Some mild anti -diarrhea can absorb water to reduce intestinal motility and try to use it.Do not use opium drugs to stop diarrhea, because such drugs may cause excessive growth and repeated infection of bacteria, but will increase diarrhea.

3. For pregnant women who have diarrhea and are about to give birth, they should be isolated by the bedside infectious diseases to ensure the safety of babies and other mothers.

4. Pregnant women with diarrhea can generally return to normal bowel movements after 24-96 hours.If the treatment is ineffective, you should conduct the training of stool bacteria and drug sensitivity tests, while intestinal raw insects and parasites are performed at the same time.If necessary, cautious fiber -like colonoscopy is used to remove inflammatory bowel diseases.

5. Pregnant women who have diarrhea should go to the hospital in time if the fetus is abnormal to prevent the disease from being severe and cause abortion or premature birth.

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