Pregnant mother, please pay attention!At different stages of pregnancy, nutrition should be supplemented like this!

After pregnancy, novice pregnant mothers can always gain various experiences from the seven aunts and eight aunts.Child nutrition.

For this reason, many pregnant mothers will feel distressed, fearing that blind supplement is not good for the baby, but also afraid that it will be malnourished without supplementing nutritional fetuses.

What are the nutrients for pregnancy?How to make up?How much do you make up?Today, everyone will talk to you about this.

What nutrition should I supplement during pregnancy?

Different parts of the fetus develop at each stage, and the nutritional nutrition is also different. Pregnant mothers can balance nutrition balanced according to their own needs.

Early pregnancy (0-12 weeks)

Folic acid and vitamin B12

Role: Insufficient intake can lead to giant cell anemia. Insufficient folic acid in early intake can cause nerve deformities in the fetus.

Source: Animal liver, stomach, fruits, and fruits in more folic acid.

Insurance: Family suggests that from 3 months before pregnancy, insist on taking it to 12 weeks of pregnancy.0.4 mg per day.Because folic acid supplements have better utilization rates than food folic acid, they continue to be supplemented during pregnancy.

Note: The prospective dad also needs to supplement folic acid when preparing for pregnancy ~

In the middle of pregnancy (13-28 weeks)

Inorganic salts and vitamins

Function: Calcium and phosphorus are the main components of human bones and teeth.On the one hand, calcium intake during pregnancy meets its own needs, and on the other hand, it provides fetal growth bones and teeth.

Source: milk and dairy products.Phosphorus exists in food and is generally not lacking.

Insurance: 1000 mg per day in the middle of pregnancy, 1200 mg per day in the third trimester


Function: Successive protein is an indispensable substance that meets fetal development and healthy women’s health.

Source: Animal protein and soy protein are eaten, so that the amino acids in the food can complementary the utilization rate of protein.

Insurance: 15 % to 20 % of the total energy of the diet.15 grams per day in the second trimester, equivalent to one egg or 2 pork.It is better to increase 20 grams per day of pregnancy, and animal protein accounts for more than half of the total protein intake.

Late pregnancy (29-40 weeks)


Function: Iron is a small cell low pigment anemia when the raw material of synthetic hemoglobin is lacking.When iron is deficient in the body, many iron -related and iron -dependent enzyme vitality often reduces the vitality of sterilization, which can also directly affect the development of lymphocytes and cellular immunity.

Source: Pork liver, poultry liver, chicken blood, duck blood, pig blood, etc. are better. Egg yolks, black fungus, kelp and sesame sauce are also high.

Insurance: 35mg/d in the third trimester, and the tolerance level is 60mg/d.

In addition, if the pregnant mother is severe during pregnancy or is very picky about food, it is recommended that you can appropriately supplement some composite vitamins according to the guidance of the doctor to meet their own needs.

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