Pregnant mothers conceal the "history of abortion", doctors revealed in a word, the method of abortion is different, and the impact is different.

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Although the current society is relatively open, many men and women have cohabitation before they are not married, but it is precisely because of this opening that the "abortion rate" has increased year by year.When you get married, the groom may have been replaced.So how will those women who have been born talk to their current husbands, I believe most people will choose to lie.

Pregnant mothers conceal the "history of abortion", doctors revealed in a word, the method of abortion is different, and the impact is different.

Xiao Shuang and her husband became pregnant just 2 months after they got married. It was estimated that the fetal treasure was full for 3 months, and the two went to the hospital to check and build their cards.According to the practice, the doctor asked Xiao Shuang if he had a history of abortion before. The uterine wall was a bit thin.Later, the doctor took Xiao Shuang to the hut inside for internal examination. Xiao Shuang’s husband only heard that the doctor was angry and said, "You obviously flow through the birth, the month should not be small.No good with children! Don’t hide it, useless! "

The little double husband was like eating a fly, not vomiting, and not swallowing.The marriage of the two was just beginning, and it was in the newlywed Yalu period. The "history of abortion" of Xiao Shuang was undoubtedly poured a pot of cold water for this marriage.

The reason why doctors can see that the small duality is out of dystrophic is through the cervical mouth judgment, mainly because the abortion method is different, and the impact is different.Different abortion methods have different damage and recovery.

Different abortion methods, damage and recovery are also different!

1. Drug flow

At the time of less than 7 weeks, doctors generally recommend that pregnant mothers do drug flow.Pregnant mothers only need to take an abortion medicine to make the body changes in the body and automatically fall off the endometrium.At this time, the embryo usually has no heartbeat. Soon after I was in bed, it would flow out with the endometrium.

This method is simple and fast, and the damage to the body can be described as the smallest.But if the drug flows are not clean, you have to do curettage surgery, which hurts the body.

2. Flow

When the fetal treasure is 7-12 weeks, you need to choose the flow of people.When being abortion, pregnant mothers need to be a general anesthesia. At this time, the fetal treasure already has a heartbeat. The doctor will use a special straw to break the fetal treasure a little bit, and then these embryo tissues will be sucked out.

Nowadays, the advertisement of people is covered with the sky. It may take only 10 minutes before and after the operation. It has no pain and less damage, which makes many people feel that there is nothing about abortion.But in fact, the flow of people will cause harm to the uterus and the cervix. In severe cases, the flow of people will never be able to do it again.For women who are overwhelming, they need to be a small confinement. After raising, it is generally seen that only very experienced doctors can see it.

3. Import labor

For more than 14 weeks of fetus, induction of labor is needed.The induction of labor is also divided into two types, one is the medium-term induction of labor, 14 weeks of pregnancy-24 weeks of pregnancy, smashed the fetal treasure with pliers, and then gradually clamp the fetal treasure’s body and tissue.For more than 24 weeks, the fetal treasure head is injected from the in vitro, and the medicine is injected into the drug to let the brain die. This process is actually very painful. After dying in pain, it is excreted.

The fetal fetuses are relatively large. Compared to the flow of people, the damage to the uterus and cervix is much bigger.And women who induce labor should also be confinement like a normal child, but it is an empty confinement, otherwise it will affect the recovery of the body.For women who have induced labor, just like Xiao Shuang, doctors can see at a glance.

Hide the hazards of "History of abortion"

Although there was a "abortion history" as a private affairs of a woman, after pregnancy again, doctors can only "appropriate medicine" by understanding the physical condition of pregnant mothers.Women who have had a history of abortion, due to damage to the uterus, cervix, etc., the risk of pregnancy will increase. For example, it is prone to various discomfort such as ectopic pregnancy, habitual abortion, and postpartum bleeding.Therefore, no matter how embarrassing, it is better not to hide the doctor, and sometimes it is useless for some doctors.

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