Pregnant mothers have these symptoms "private parts", which shows that there is inflammation. It is important to know how to protect

The beauty of pregnancy is a maternal glory.After women’s pregnancy, due to the unique progesterone effects, they will cause a lot of changes in the body. These changes will bring a lot of different life experiences to Baoma.

Among these changes, not only did the belly of Bao Ma become larger, the skin will be yellow, the skin will appear symptoms such as pregnancy spots, stretch marks, etc., but also the internal changes that make Baoma very ashamed.

Colleagues Li Hong is a post -95th treasure mother. After entering the pregnancy, the thin mother who was thinner suddenly increased the weight;

At the same time, she is very severe, and she almost eats how much vomiting, and she only likes to eat some spicy foods, but this kind of food cannot be eaten more, I am afraid it will affect the health of the fetus.

Li Hong, who was talking about her mouth, ate a lot, and after half a month, there were more secretions and itching symptoms.Even if you replace the cleaning underwear every day, you cannot improve it. He is afraid that it will affect the fetus.

After the test and diagnosis, the doctor concluded that Li Hong was infected with germs.If this condition is not treated in time, the germs may be brought to the fetus when giving birth, which will affect the health of the fetus.

Fortunately, the condition is not very serious. Under the guidance of a doctor, with the use of certain drugs, the condition was quickly controlled.

The following two symptoms of Baoma will have the following two symptoms, which belongs to abnormal phenomena, which requires Bao Ma to pay attention.

1. When the pregnant mother finds that there are more secretions in their private parts and itchy symptoms, there must be some awakening. It may be that the body has bad symptoms. It needs to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

2. During the pregnancy, Baoma, due to the influence of progesterone, the body will have some changes. There may be inflammation and need to attract the attention of Baoma.

First of all, the cause of progesterone causes the daily metabolism of pregnant mothers differently from ordinary metabolism. The body excretion function is different, resulting in an increase in privacy processed secretions, which may have bacteria breeding.

Secondly, personal hygiene and poor habits.

After some Baoma pregnancy, due to the bulky body, there will be lazy and lazy situations. Bao Ma will not pay attention to personal hygiene, disorders of schedules, bad smoke and alcohol habits, etc. These habits may cause gynecological inflammation.

Also, the diet structure is caused.

The so -called: "The disease comes from the mouth." The dietary habits of the pregnant mother may also have an impact on their physical functional systems. Too spicy and exciting foods may cause the internal fire of pregnant mothers to rise, thereby inducing inflammation.

First, pay attention to diet.

Diet as pregnant mothers during pregnancy, the most important content of life, has an important impact on the body of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Pregnant mothers do not eat casually during pregnancy, and they should also understand that the nutritional value and physical needs of each food should be understood.Make targeted nutritional supplements according to your own needs;

Be sure to balance the diet, supplement a variety of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals to ensure the body’s intake and absorption of nutrients.

Second, pay attention to the cultivation of hygiene and personal habits.

Maintain good personal hygiene habits, regularly clean, sterilize, and replace underwear to ensure the clean and hygiene of private parts; cultivate your good work and rest habits and a healthy life can we meet the baby’s arrival with a better physical condition.

Third, keep a comfortable mood.

You can also spend a day, and you can spend a day if you are unhappy, so why can’t we have been to be happy?

Baoma should try to keep her happy mood without having too much burden and anxiety.With a positive attitude, in the face of the upcoming babies, it is more conducive to the healthy growth of the baby.

As a treasure mother who enters the third trimester, do not let go of the self -current, conduct regular inspections, pay attention to their own changes in time, and have special symptoms. They should seek medical treatment in time and diagnose and treat them to avoid delaying the condition.

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