Pregnant mothers often stay up late to play mobile phones during pregnancy, and may bring these three changes to the fetus, so don’t ignore it

Most new mothers know that when they are pregnant, they are very excited and happy. After all, the love crystals that belong to themselves and husbands are bred in her belly.And many pregnant mothers quit their jobs after pregnancy, and choose to raise their hearts at home.In this case, pregnant mothers usually have more free time.But every day at home is fine to do, it is really boring. At this time, many pregnant mothers will hold their mobile phones to play games every day. Last time, many pregnant mothers were reluctant to put down their mobile phones at night and stay up late to play with their mobile phones.As an ordinary person, staying up late to play mobile phones will have a great impact on our health, let alone pregnant women during pregnancy.If pregnant mothers often stay up late during pregnancy, what will affect the baby in the stomach?

Pregnant mothers often stay up late to play mobile phones, what will happen to the fetus?After reading, many pregnant mothers silently put down their mobile phone!

1. Slowly development

Now it is basically one or two mobile phones. Many pregnant mothers play games with their mobile phones when they are bored at home. They must know that playing mobile phones is easy to add to them. If they are not careful, they may have been boiled in the middle of the night.Therefore, many pregnant mothers are sleeping during the day, and they will be able to stay up late to play with their mobile phones at night. You must know that such a work and rest habits will affect the health of the baby in the stomach.It was the time to sleep at night. If the pregnant mother does not sleep and stays up late to play mobile phones, it will also affect the baby’s biological clock in the belly, so it will cause the baby to become very excited, and the fetal movement will be more frequent.Over time, the growth and development of the baby will be greatly affected, and the baby’s development is slow. If the pregnant mother has a slow development of the baby because of playing a mobile phone, it is too much to lose.

2. Abnormal fetal movement

As the saying goes, if the mother and child are connected, if the pregnant mother often stays up late to play with her mobile phone, it will inevitably affect the baby’s rest in the belly, and it will also disrupt the baby’s biological clock, which will cause the baby’s fetal movement frequently, and frequent fetal movement will cause oneThe adverse consequence is to increase the probability of the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck.Seeing this, pregnant mothers still want to stay up late to play with their mobile phones, put down their mobile phones, and sleep quickly.

3. It is difficult to bring after birth

Some babies are particularly difficult to bring after birth. During the day, I became excited when I was sleeping.The baby’s work and rest habits are affected by the mother’s more. If the expectant mother often stays up late at night to play with her mobile phone at night, and develops the habit of staying up late, the baby in the belly may think that the mother is at night when she sleeps during the day, and the mother stays up late at night to stay up late at night.It is during the day, so it is said that the baby will still keep the schedule in the mother’s belly after birth, and it will cause a big sleep during the day and happy at night.If this is a long time, it is very unfavorable to the normal development of the child, and the baby is often upside down day and night, and adults will bring children very hard.

Regarding what impacts will be on the fetus during staying up late and playing mobile phones, are you all?Do you have other opinions or suggestions on this question?

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