Pregnant mothers share frequent common sense during pregnancy

The frequent urination during pregnancy is the most common.This situation is that the metabolites in the body of the expectant mothers during pregnancy increase, and the metabolism of the fetus will also be discharged from the mother’s body. This increases the burden on the kidneys and causes frequent urination.Because in the early or late pregnancy, the larger uterus or the decline of the fetal head of the fetus reaches the bladder, making the capacity of the bladder smaller, causing frequent urination and feeling incomplete.

The following pregnant mothers share frequent urination during pregnancy and summarize small common sense, for mothers who are currently pregnant during pregnancy, hoping to help pregnant mothers who are currently being troubled by frequent urination.

Such exercises can effectively help control urination and relaxation exercises that can effectively help control urination and relaxation exercises. Such exercises can also help eliminate stress incontinence.Kneeling on the limbs shows a crawling movement, the back should be straightened, the muscles shrink, and push the pelvis to the abdomen.Also bow to the back.This action can be relaxed after a few seconds.But do it according to your own situation.

Pregnant women should reduce the frequent urination during pregnancy.This is to start with changes in diet and drinking water.That is to say, drinking plenty of water should be appropriately, but you can’t drink too much; when you go out, if you have urine, you must discharge first.Or bacterial infection.

If you feel pain or when you want to urinate or you can’t help it when you want to urinate, this is because the expectant mothers must consider whether it will be inflamed or bacterial infection.Such a situation is best for hospital examinations and consultations.If the treatment is only timely or without cure, it may cause the disease to worsen or cause a long period of no way to cure, which threatens the health of mothers and fetuses.

A. It is best not to eat diuretic food

In the early and during pregnancy, expectant mothers are best not to eat diuretic foods at night. For example, foods such as watermelon, clam winter melon can help urinate, it is best not to eat.

B. It is best not to use the supine position

When you are pregnant, pay attention to do not lying on your back.It is best to use the side to reduce the compression of the uterus to the ureter, so as to prevent some infections.

C. Don’t urinate

The bladder stored in the body has a certain extension.On weekdays, watching is very small, and when there is a lot of urine, the bladder will grow up.If it is urinating for a long time, the bladder will lose elasticity, and there is no way to return to the original state.In this way, there is no way to discharge the waste out of the body, which will increase the chance of uremia.

The above is an experience of frequent sharing of urine during pregnancy during pregnancy. I hope it will be helpful to mothers who are urinating frequently during pregnancy. Thank you!

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