Pregnant mothers travel on National Day, what you want to know here is here

It’s another 7 -day holiday for the annual National Day!Seeing that many partners are ready to travel, I must have itching mother in her heart.But pregnant mothers are different from ordinary people, and there are many places to pay attention to travel.Let ’s do science popularization for some common questions for pregnant mothers.The expectant mothers who plan to travel, come and look.

Different travel abroad is different from the surrounding tourism. Generally, the journey is relatively long. It is necessary to calculate the aircraft in an hour. This is a great test for pregnant mothers.So, can pregnant mothers go abroad, let’s analyze it in detail.· Early pregnancy (1-3 months): In the first stage of pregnancy, the baby’s baby has not stabilized in the uterus, and the possibility of long-distance trah abortion is relatively high.At this stage, it is best not to travel abroad at this stage to avoid danger.· In the second trimester (4-6 months): traveling abroad during this time is relatively the safest.At this time, the pregnant mother’s energy is better, and there is no obstacles to the stool. You can perform tourism activities appropriately.But before going abroad, it is best to do a physical examination and consult a doctor to ensure the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses.· The third trimester (7-9 months): At this time, the pregnant mother should be cautious when traveling, after all, it is near production, especially for pregnant mothers who have premature or miscarriage before.The World Health Organization WHO suggested that the first -time maternity is not suitable for flying after 36 weeks of pregnancy, and the mother is earlier, and it will not be suitable for flying after 32 weeks of pregnancy ~ However, the regulations of each aircraft company may not not be regulatedIn the same way, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the relevant regulations of the Travel Department when traveling.Note: Pregnant mothers with the following situations are not suitable for long -distance travel to travel abroad. 1. Pregnant mothers with severe anemia, heart failure, vascular embolism, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases are not recommended to travel abroad.2. There is a history of premature or miscarriage, or first maternal women over 35 years old and less than 20 years old. It is not suitable for traveling abroad.

Too far abroad, many pregnant mothers want to go out and play to relax, so self -driving travel has become a choice of many pregnant mothers.In fact, it is not a easy thing for pregnant mothers to take a self -driving tour.Because pregnant mothers are prone to fatigue and sleepy during pregnancy, their emotions are not stable, and the bulging abdomen will also affect driving safety. Therefore, it is not suitable for long -term driving.Pay attention to the following points: · Correctly tie the seat belt pregnant mother must be tied when traveling by car.The correct way is: the oblique corner part of the seat belt should be pressed from the middle of the chest, tied to the bottom of the hip; and the horizontal seat belt should be tied to the lower abdomen, crossing the thigh, must not be tied to the stomach. This will be right. This will be right.The baby is unfavorable.· When controlling the speed and the journey time, the pregnant mother is sitting in the car. In order to avoid bumps, the speed of the vehicle should be slowed down at the speed limit standard of the road, and the journey of self -driving travel should not be too long, so as not to cause the pregnant mother’s physical discomfort.· Keep the air in the car fresh in the car should avoid sitting in a new car for a long time. If there is a odor in the car, you should go to a regular car maintenance store before traveling.If you go out when it is too hot or too cold, the air -conditioned filter element in the car should be replaced in time to prevent bacteria from breeding.If the temperature is appropriate, it is best to drive the natural wind to keep the air flow in the car.· Pay attention to getting off the car and rest on the journey of self -driving tour. You should get out of the car appropriately. It is best to rest every one hour every hour, so as not to cause leg swelling and sore back.

During the vacation, eating healthy and safe is very important for pregnant mothers and babies.Don’t worry, as long as the following points are done, it will be OK ~ · Dietary laws, and timely replenish energy travel, you should eat on time to avoid eating supper, no breakfast, and meals to meals in time.The health of pregnant mothers and fetal baby is very unfavorable.At the same time, pregnant mothers can also bring some foods with them as additional supplements, such as nuts, milk, whole wheat bread, fresh fruits, etc., which are both nutritious and easy to carry.Those snacks such as puffed foods, pigments, and processed meat products with various additives, pigments, and preservatives are not recommended to bring them. They should usually eat as little as possible, which is not good for pregnant mothers’ body and fetal development.· I know what the dietary customs and customs they eat in various places, and even some foods that pregnant mothers have never eaten.When eating abroad, you must know what you eat. Ask the waiter or local people, if you can’t determine what the food contains, try not to eat it, don’t take risks.· Timely hydrating Pregnant mothers must prepare clean water at any time, and try not to drink tea and coffee outside.If the weather is too hot, don’t eat too much cold drink, because it will stimulate the digestive tract, cause loss of appetite, and even abdominal pain.

While opening a vacation outside, pregnant mothers must also learn to protect themselves.In fact, this is not a difficult thing. It is mainly to pay attention to the following three points: · To avoid traveling alone for pregnant mothers alone!When you go out, various conditions may occur. If you look at the pregnant mothers, it will be relatively safe and convenient to look at the pregnant mother.In addition, there are more things to travel when you travel. Some companions can help take your luggage to reduce the burden on pregnant mothers.· Before going out in advance, pregnant mothers should make detailed travel plans, including where to go, how to go, a few days, what to bring, etc.It should be noted that it is best to bring a health card for pregnant mothers to go out, and to be familiar with the local medical location of travel in order to cope with emergencies.At the same time, some emergency drugs should be prepared, such as motion sickness drugs and diarrhea.· Avoid places where there are many people and avoiding dangerous activities. It is best to choose a place where there are few people. If there are too many people in a certain place, the pregnant mother is best to avoid it to prevent crowds from crowded accidents.In addition, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers play some stimulating activities, such as bungee jumping, roller coaster, etc. On the one hand, it is easy to adversely affect the fetus. The second emotion is too excited and it will affect the fetal development.

After staying at home for a long time, pregnant mothers will inevitably feel bored.Although there are many inconveniences in the body, as long as you can allow your physical condition, and make full preparations in advance, go out and take a walk to see the scenery and happy mood, it is still very good ~ Finally, I wish you all a happy holiday!Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is out of the purpose of passing more information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article Source: Junjun Mom Parenting)

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