Pregnant mothers, what do I need to do during pregnancy?Do you know?

Every baby is the angel of the mother. She is healthy or not, always affects our hearts!There was a surprise of pregnancy at the beginning, torture of pregnancy, difficulty in lying in the third trimester, etc., and these, all of which accompanied us to walk through the October this October!So what do we need to pay attention to during pregnancy?When you are going to start preparing for pregnancy, you should go to the local hospital to receive folic acid and take it to the first three months of your pregnancy. When you are about 40 days of pregnancy, you should go to the B -ultrasound to determine whether the fetus is inside or outside the palace?When you are 56 days of pregnancy, you should see if the fetus is heartbroken?Of course, the first 12 weeks are unstable period, and the same room is forbidden!You need to do NT 12 weeks ago, and you need to go to the local hospital to build a card after 12 weeks!After 16 weeks, you have to do a B -ultrasound, have a B -ultrasound of the head and hip, and then bring your ID card for Tang’s screening!The best period of Tang’s best period is 16 to 20 weeks. At 24 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended to conduct a 75G regular sugar tolerance test at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. Monitor the blood glucose level of blood glucose 1 hour and 2 hours after drinking sugarEssenceIf any one of the three items reaches or exceeds the limited value, that is, the blood sugar of 1 hour and 2 hours after taking the empty blood glucose and sugar is: 5.1mmol/L, 10.0mmol/L, 8.5mmol/L, can be diagnosed as pregnancyDiabetes.At 32 weeks of pregnancy, you should count the conventional movement and go to the hospital for fetal heart monitoring!Counting method: For a few hours in the morning, middle, and evening, it is more than 3 times per hour, which is greater than 3 times per hour, reflecting the good fetal condition.The number of fetal movements in the morning, middle and late three fetuses can also be, that is, the number of fetal movements of 12 hours.If the fetal movement is more than 30 times, the fetal condition is good, less than 20 times, indicating that the fetus is abnormal. If the fetal movement is less than 10 times, it is prompted to have hypoxia in the fetus.When you find abnormal fetal movements, you should go to the hospital immediately!The same room is also prohibited in the third trimester to prevent premature birth!I hope these can help you. Finally, I wish you a good pregnancy, and the little angel is safe!

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