Pregnant women always reflect acid in the stomach. These methods are simple and practical, alleviating symptoms of acid reflux during pregnancy

Friends Yuyu always feels sour in the stomach after pregnancy.I do n’t want to eat, and I ’m vomiting by the sour taste of the returned after eating, which is very uncomfortable.

In fact, many mothers have this feeling, and I have experienced it.This feeling of acid reflux has two times during pregnancy, once in the early stages of pregnancy, and once in the second trimester. It is relatively better in the second trimester.The nature of the two acid reflux in the early pregnancy and the third trimester is different.

In the early stages of pregnancy, acid reflux is because the placenta secretes chorionic gonad hormone, which reduces the secretion of gastric acid, which causes the activity of digestive enzymes to greatly reduce the appetite and digestive function of pregnant mothers, so it will become acidic.

After pregnancy, the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines will also slow down, the food digestion will slow, the time to stay in the stomach is long, the food is fermented in the gastrointestinal and produces gas, the gas is inverse, and the pregnant mother feels acidic.

I have heard of this saying that "the acid reflux in the stomach is because the fetus is long hair". In fact, there is no scientific reason. The acid reflux appears in the early stages of pregnancy (before 12 weeks of pregnancy), and the hair is after 15 weeks of pregnancy.Only to sprout.The acid reflux is not synchronized at all.

During the third trimester, the fetus continued to increase, the space of the uterus became smaller, and the stomach was squeezed and reduced.After the stomach is reduced, less foods can be accommodated.The digestive function of the stomach also decreases. When some foods are eaten, food is fermented in the stomach and produces acid.Gastric acid was pushed back to the esophagus, which caused acid reflux and a hot feeling.

From this point of view, the cause of acid reflux in the third trimester is completely different from the incentives of acid reflux in the early pregnancy.In the second trimester, the fetus is not very large, the level of chorionic gonad hormone levels decreases, and the citrus with acid reflux of the stomach will reduce or even disappear.At the end of the pregnancy, about 36 weeks later, when the fetus enters the basin or falls, the stomach will return to the previous state, and the feeling of acid reflux will be reduced.

Since there is acid reflux during pregnancy, how can it be relieved?What the pregnant mother who heard it first said: Well, I will also drink Su Danshui ~ Drink some soda water, and you can eat some raw peanuts to try.Eating peanut rice, currently eating fresh peanut rice this season, the effect is super good. My stomach is sour. Later, I ate the peanuts made by my mother. Now there is no acid reflux.I eat about 20 grains of peanuts every time, especially for management.I usually do n’t have a good stomach, and I ’m even more pregnant, especially when I’ m acid reflux. After eating raw peanuts for a while, it ’s useless. Now I’ m drinking soda.Drink, do not need to do it too much, drink it when it is acidic, just make a few full hiccups.

The direct experience of mothers is to drink soda and peanut rice. The effect is particularly good. You can use it.

In addition, make a few suggestions:

1. A small amount of meals can be used to reduce the pressure of the stomach and reduce the reflux of gastric acid.

2. Eat less foods that cause stomach discomfort, such as carbonated drinks, sour foods, spicy and greasy foods.

3. Chew slowly when eating, so that the food is fully digested and absorbed.Eat gum can also neutralize stomach acid.

4. Avoid lying on the bed half an hour to 1 hour after eating, sleep after 2 hours, and give food a time to digest.When going to bed, pad the pillow to prevent gastric acid.

5. Wearing loose pregnant women’s clothes, don’t keep your stomach.

In short, as long as you use some small methods cleverly, you can alleviate the problem of gastric acid, I wish you a happy pregnancy!

The above is my point of view. If you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss.

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