Pregnant women are very common in headaches. Eating these 4 kinds of food can be a lot better

Pregnant women often experience various physical discomfort during pregnancy, and headaches are the most common type.The cause of headache may be related to the changes in blood pressure and the level of hormone levels in the body, causing abnormal blood circulation of the brain and therefore feels headache.Because pregnant women are not suitable for taking medicine casually, it is easy to damage the health of the fetus, and can effectively relieve headache symptoms through a reasonable diet.Let ’s take a look at what foods are suitable for pregnant women with headache?

1. When pregnant women have headaches, they need to eat a reasonable diet to help raise their bodies. They can use Huaoshan medicine, wolfberry, pig brain, rice wine and other foods to eat.Soake the pig’s brain and soak it in water, clean the Huai yam and wolfberry, put it with the pig brain and simmer in the pot. After two hours, add rice wine and salt to season.This yam wolfberry pig brain soup is suitable for eating once every three days. The effect of nourishing the liver and kidney in Jiyou, nourishing qi and nourishing yin can relieve headache, palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue and other symptoms. It is also suitable for patients with migraine.

2. Make cabbage roots soup with dried cabbage and green onions, which can relieve the symptoms of headache.After chopping the green onion and cabbage, add an appropriate amount of water. After the heat is boiled, switch to the fire and cook it slowly for 20 minutes. You can eat twice a day. It has the effect of eliminating cold and pain.It is suitable for headaches caused by wind and cold, and it is also a headache with pregnant women.

3. Put the walnut kernels with water for 20 minutes, and then add an appropriate amount of sugar to stir evenly. It has the effect of replenishing the brain and analgesic, which is often used to treat headaches of pregnant women.Because walnuts have a good health effect on the human brain. If headaches occur for a long time, it is easy to damage the brain nerves. Eating walnuts can supplement the brain and help, and it will also greatly help the development of fetal intelligence.

4. The effects of onion porridge to relieve headaches are obvious. You can use green onion, light pulp, brown rice and other foods to make green drum porridge together.Wash the brown rice, add the cut onion white, boil it with a stew pan, and then boil it with a soft fire, and then add light tempeh to play a role of relieving the wind and dispersion.Many pregnant women are susceptible to colds due to poor resistance, which can also cause headaches.This drum porridge is suitable for chills, and patients with headache eat.

The above is the dietary prescription that can improve the headache of pregnant women. In daily life, pregnant women need to strengthen exercise. They can do some housework that can be done to effectively enhance their physique. It is not easy to suffer from various diseases.

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