Pregnant women chase the drama and eat "fried chicken+beer" in the middle of the night!

In the past weekend, the weather was fine, and the autumn merged

In the current season, Shuofeng starts to start ice, cold

The North Wind sneaked into the quiet without trace, and Qiu Nong has established winter

One of the twenty -four solar terms


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In winter, it came silently

Today, tell you the story of pregnant woman Xiao Qiao!

Recalling the past, when "You from the Stars" swept the screen, even pregnant women were crazy together.

Xiao Qiao, who is 3 months pregnant, always stays up late to chase the drama. From Monday to Sunday, the "schedule" is full of "schedule" every day: American drama, Korean drama, Japanese drama, and English drama. From time to time, you need to order a variety show …

[Watching Korean dramas, stealing beer with fried chicken]

Xiao Qiao is a post -80s white -collar worker.During her college, she was used to keeping the computer to chase the drama late at night. After marriage, this "hobby" has been retained. Staying up late chasing the drama is accustomed to her.

Three years after falling in love with her husband, the two entered the palace of marriage.After pregnancy, Xiao Qiao still secretly chased the drama in the bed with his mobile phone. Because he was pregnant, her husband had always been on the "old Buddha".

Fried chicken+beer = romantic combination. Xiao Qiao first made fried chicken at home. Later, he felt that there was always a regret that there was no "companion" without wine, so he secretly drank a little beer.For these, her husband did not know.

[Hidden abdominal pain, symptoms of signs of abortion]

In the next few days, Xiao Qiao always had an abdominal pain at night, and worried that the baby in the stomach was not good, so she quickly asked her husband to send her to the hospital for examination.After examination, Xiao Qiao’s abdominal pain symptoms were threatened abortion. The doctor asked her to stay in bed for 24 hours.

"Fried chicken+beer, the superposition of these two high -calorie foods, greatly increased the chance of disease. If you do not add overeating, pregnant women will have abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting,, Leading to gallbladder pancreatitis, it is harmful to the baby, and it will even threaten the life of pregnant women. "

[Stay up late+high -calorie foods are prone to pregnancy and hypertension]

"A few months before pregnancy in pregnancy is the critical period of the main organs of the fetus. At this time, expectant mothers should develop good and regular living habits. If you stay too late during pregnancy, it is easy to make emotions and spirits easily emotions and spiritTension will make the biological clock of expectant mothers upside down, endocrine disorders, affect metabolism, and may even cause hypertension. "

After a doctor’s "harsh lesson", Xiao Qiao realized the seriousness of the consequences, and said that he would have to change his former non -time and raise his fetus with peace of mind.

Xiaobian sighed unconsciously: Pregnant mother, you can have a long -time heart!Compared with the health of food chasing dramas, of course, the baby is the most important!

Pregnancy is a sensitive period. Pregnant women are special groups.

There is a small life in the body,

Diet and living, all words and deeds affect TA ~

However, after pregnancy, many things can not be eaten ~

When the food is swinging in front of the eyes, the meeting will always remind:

This cannot be eaten, and that cannot be eaten.

At this moment, the pregnant mother feels so pitiful

Faced with drooling food,

The contradictions that are full of lips but dare not eat,

It is really a torment for pregnant mothers.

For the baby’s health, expectant mothers should control their mouth.

The following foods, do n’t eat anymore, do n’t eat it.

▷ 1. Sales of pickled foods

Pregnant mothers do not eat pickled Lai during pregnancy. This is not good for the development of baby baby. If the meat is marinated, the B vitamin is more lossy. If the salt is too heavy, it will increase the burden on the mother’s kidneys.If you eat non -pickled foods, the nitrite content is too high, which can have a chemical reaction with hemoglobin in the blood to reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin, leading to hypoxia in the mother.

▷ 2. Don’t eat cold food

Sexual cooling foods do not consume pregnant mothers. Sexual cold foods generally have the effect of promoting blood circulation. The pregnant mother will increase the instability of the fetus after consumption.For example, fungus, aloe, barley, ginseng, longan, etc. These foods are cold foods, and pregnant mothers try to avoid eating.

▷ 3. Do not put these ingredients during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should not put too much ingredients during pregnancy, such as cumin, octagonal, pepper, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, spiced powder, pepper powder, and so on.Pregnant women are easy to consume intestinal moisture, reduce gastrointestinal glandular secretions, causing dryness and constipation in the intestine.After the constipation occurs, the pregnant mother will increase the abdominal pressure when the qi defecation will be strong, compress the baby’s inner baby, and it will easily cause fetal motion uneasily.

▷ 4. Forbidden to eat these things during pregnancy

[Fried barbecue] Pregnant mothers should not eat barbecue foods during pregnancy, such as fritters, grilled lamb skewers, squid, grilled fish, etc. If such high -temperature fried foods often contain some carcinogens, this pair of fetusesThe baby’s growth and development are very unfavorable.

[Spicy Food] It is more irritating to pregnant mothers and babies. Eating too much will affect the digestive system of pregnant mothers. It may cause constipation of pregnant mothers, which is not good for the baby’s health.Pregnant women are best to eat less or not to eat spicy foods, and eat more light, nutritious foods.

▷ 5. Do not drink coffee and wine during pregnancy

It is common sense to stay away from alcohol. If you drink too much, it is not good for your baby’s health.The caffeine content in coffee is the highest. Caffeine can affect the physiological changes of pregnant mothers, change the content of hormones in the pregnant mother’s body, and then affect the health of the fetus.Not just coffee, everything contains caffeine, pregnant mothers do not eat as much as possible.

▷ 6. Eat less sugar and MSG during pregnancy

Calcium supplementation is needed during pregnancy to maintain the health of the baby. Eating a lot of sugar will consume calcium in the body of the pregnant mother, which will cause the pregnant mother to lack calcium, which may affect the baby’s health.Sugar is not the basic nutrients. Pregnant mothers eat too much sugar but make themselves overweight, and have no direct benefits to the baby.In addition, pregnant mothers eat too much chicken essence, which may affect the absorption of zinc, which will affect the nerves of the fetus.

SO, pregnant mothers during pregnancy, don’t eat these foods again!Don’t affect your fetus and your own health because of your greed.

The corresponding supplementation of some necessary substances, such as protein, calcium, beans, vitamins, etc., to ensure that pregnant mothers and fetuses are nutritious.

Eat some light vegetables and fruits, and you can also use foods such as nuts, corn, grain, lean meat, fish and shrimp to add daily nutritional elements.

Only when the mother eats correctly can the fetus be born healthy.

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