Pregnant women need to pay attention to these 4 details, otherwise it will be unfavorable to the mother’s fetus and even cause abortion

In winter, the temperature is cold. Many people like to soak their feet before going to bed to eliminate the fatigue of the day. At the same time, they can speed up blood circulation. It can also bring a good auxiliary effect on sleep.However, pregnant women need to pay attention to many matters when soaking their feet. Once they do not pay attention to, they may be unfavorable to the mother and fetus, and more serious will cause fetal malformations.

1. Time cannot be too long

Appropriate time: 15 to 30 minutes

Soaking your feet can speed up blood circulation, and the heart rate beating will also speed up. Once the feet time is too long, it will easily lead to increased heart burden.And in the process of soaking feet, the blood in the body will surge in the lower body. If the body is weak, it is prone to lack of blood supply to the brain, and then the dizzy will be more severe and will faint.Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention when soaking their feet. Once they have dizziness or other discomfort, they should end immediately and put them on a good rest.

2. Don’t blindly add Chinese medicine

I believe everyone has heard that no matter what kind of drugs have some toxicity, some Chinese medicine can bring a good mediation effect on the body of pregnant women, but it may enter the fetus from the placenta, which will bring the fetal organs and nerve development.unfavorable.Therefore, pay attention to water temperature when soaking your feet, and do not add Chinese medicine blindly.

3. Do not soak your feet within 30 minutes after meals

After eating, the blood in the body will flow to the digestive tract to help digestion. At this time, soaking feet will cause this part of the blood to flow to the lower limbs. It will affect the secretion of gastric and digestive enzymes for a long time.Unwilling, indirectly brings adverse fetal development, so it is best to soak your feet in one child after a meal.

4. Don’t press the soles of your feet

There are acupuncture points in the body of a person’s feet, and once it is stimulated, it will have various impacts on the physiological function.For pregnant women, if you blindly press the foot of the foot when soaking your feet, uterine contraction may occur after being stimulated, which is greatly unfavorable to the fetal development.And the bottom of the feet can promote blood circulation, which will cause abortion seriously.

Summary: When pregnant women soak their feet in winter, there are many matters that need to be paid attention to. The above 4 points must be known to prevent adverseness to the health and safety of the fetus and fetuses.

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