Pregnant women supplement calcium, recommend six recipes

Pregnant women are different from normal constitutions. The development of the fetus requires a lot of calcium. If the situation of calcium deficiency in pregnant women is not particularly serious, calcium can be supplemented by food.Here are six calcium supplement recipes recommended by all pregnant mothers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Stir -fried spinach in shrimp skin

Ingredients: 400 grams of spinach, 10 grams of shrimp skin, 10 grams of vegetable oil, onion, ginger, and garlic.

Method: Wash the spinach and cut it into a 3 cm long section; the dried shrimp skin is slightly soaked with warm water and washed; put the fried pan on the fire, put it in the oil, and add the onion and shrimp skin to stir fry;Put spinach, stir fry a few times, then add salt and so on.

Calcium supplement mysteries: This recipe contains 12.3g of protein, 26.3g of fat, 325.4kcal, and calcium 336.3g.

2. Hai rice fried rapeseed

Ingredients: 500 grams of rapeseed, 50 grams of water, mushroom slices, corn slices, and ham tablets each 2.5 grams each, a little ginger, an appropriate amount of salt, 10 grams of oil, and the appropriate amount of fresh soup.

Method: Cut into a 3.3 cm long section, the vegetable heart breaks four crickets with a knife, and cuts about 3 cm segments, then simmer in boiling water, squeeze the water, put it in the plate; put the wok in the wok in the pan; put the wok in the wok in the pan;On the fire, when the oil is added, when the oil is hot, the rape, sea rice, shiitake mushroom slices, corn slices, ham slices are added to the pot, add ingredients and fresh soup, turn the pot and stir well.Calcium supplement mysteries: This recipe contains 12.7 grams of protein, 52.1 grams of fat, 571.6 calories, and 584.6 mg of calcium.

3. Duck blood tofu soup

Ingredients: 50 grams of duck blood, 100 grams of tofu, coriander, soup, vinegar, salt, starch, pepper, etc.Method: Duck blood and shredded tofu, put them in the boiled upper soup and stew; add vinegar, salt, pepper and pepper seasoning, thin the starch, and finally sprinkle with coriander leaves.Calcium supplement mysteries: Tofu is a master of calcium supplement. Duck blood can meet the needs of pregnant mothers for iron.The hot and sour taste can not only mobilize the appetite of Mummy, but also promote the absorption of calcium.

4. Milk sauce stew lettuce

Ingredients: lettuce, broccoli, milk, soup.

Method: Cut the lettuce and broccoli small, heat the oil in the wok, pour into the cut vegetables; add salt and soup and other flavors., Starch and MSG season, boil it into thick juice, and pour on the vegetables.Calcium supplement mysteries: Compared with ordinary vegetables, milk stew can effectively improve the calcium content of dishes, and its faint milk fragrance can also cater to the appetite of pregnant mothers.

5. Silver fish bean sprouts

Ingredients: 20 grams of silver fish, 300 grams of soybean sprouts, 50 grams of fresh pea, 50 grams of carrot shreds.

Method: Silver fish simmer in water, drain, pea cooked; stir -fry the pan with base oil, onion sauté, fried soybean sprouts, silver fish and carrot shreds; add cooked pea after slightly frying it.Essence

The mysteries of calcium supplementation: Silver fish and soybean sprouts are good sources of calcium, and there is no need to worry about such calcium supplement dishes with too much fat, which has a burden on the weight of pregnant mothers.

6. Yogurt Pudding

Ingredients: yogurt, milk, all kinds of fruits, gelatin powder, sugar.

Method: Milk add an appropriate amount of gelatin powder and sugar, add yogurt after cooling, pour into the glass container and mix; add all kinds of fruits and refrigerate to promote solidification.Calcium supplement mysteries: The calcium of yogurt pudding comes from dairy products, and it is best to absorb.Changing such a way to drink milk can add color to the life of pregnant mothers.

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