Pregnant women with too much consumption of monosodium glutamate!Can you use chicken essence instead?

We know that once you are pregnant, you have to have a light diet, and there are many diet taboos, so the mood of mothers during pregnancy will be more rigorous.Pregnant women will pay more attention to diet during pregnancy. Generally speaking, they are mainly light and the style of dishes is diverse.Especially in the first three months, the taste of pregnant women will be lighter, so they like to eat heavy taste foods, so MSG is used as condiments that are often seasoned.However, according to research, pregnant women should not eat too much MSG, and eat as little as possible.Because MSG is also a seasoning of chemical composition, not natural.

The main component of MSG is sodium glutamate, and the content of MSG glutamate in my country is above 99 %, and the physical and chemical standards have reached the international advanced level.Generally, pregnant women eat whatever they eat, but if they are too much consumption, the mother’s zinc element will be discharged from the blood through the blood, which can naturally affect the fetal zinc in the fetus.Nutrients.Zinc deficiency is not conducive to the development of fetal nervous system.The consequence of zinc deficiency is to lead to mental retardation, night blindness, late maturity, and adult dwarf.

There are also excessive edible MSG’s glutamic acid content in the blood of pregnant women will increase. After the rise, calcium and magnesium will be hindered. Once a person lacks calcium, magnesium zinc, it will feel headache, heartbeat, nausea and other symptoms, and right, and rightThe reproductive system also has adverse effects.And if you use too much monosodium glutamate, it will cause dependence of MSG.And too much intake of monosodium glutamate often feel thirsty because of sodium containing sodium, too much intake can cause hypertension.People over the age of 60 are particularly sensitive to sodium intake. Therefore, the elderly and people with high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema and other diseases should particularly eat less monosodium glutamate.Therefore, if pregnant women can avoid, it is best not to eat MSG.

So can you replace MSG with chicken essence?

Chicken essence is actually the brothers of MSG. Chicken essence is not extracted from the chicken. It is made of chemical seasonings such as nucleotide on the basis of MSG.Because nucleotide has the umami flavor of chicken, it is called chicken essence.The chicken essence contains nucleotide, and its metabolites are uric acid. Uric acid will increase the condition of patients with heart or immune system diseases, skin diseases, and liver disease.

Therefore, chicken essence and monosodium glutamate are similar. It is recommended to eat less whether it is pregnancy or breastfeeding!A small amount of consumption will not have an impact. Don’t worry. Pay attention to the reasonable diet during pregnancy to strengthen nutrition.

Of course, MSG is not harmful but not good!

MSG is one of the main condiments cooked in people’s daily life. Its umami tastes a lot of appetite and appetite greatly.

Sodium glutamate in MSG has the effects of treating liver coma, neurasthenia, epilepsy, and lack of gastric acid.MSG is one of the indispensable condiments in daily diet. It also helps health and cannot ignore the scientific choice of MSG.

Regarding the problem of zinc deficiency, it is recommended to use the following two methods to solve:

1. Diet: Eat more animal liver and oatmeal; eat less spinach, amaranth, and amaranth, such as oxalic acid rich vegetables, so as not to affect the absorption of zinc.

2. Take medicine: If possible, please ask the doctor’s opinion.

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