Pregnant women’s chest tightness and shortness of breath, these five tricks help you breathe smoothly

After women are pregnant, as the uterus of the pregnancy week continues to increase, the uterus may compress the diaphragm muscle to affect the breathing, which will lead to the problem of short chest tightness and shortness of breath. This situation will be unimaginable without timely relief.So, what should I do if pregnant women have a short breath?

Take a deep breath


When pregnant women have a short breath, they can try to take a deep breath. They can inhale a lot of oxygen for each organs, which is very effective for alleviating chest tightness and shortness of breath.Specific method: When deeply inhaling, first expand the abdomen, and then expand the chest. After reaching the limit, the screen gas is for a few seconds to gradually exhale the gas.When exhaling, shrink the chest first, then shrink the abdomen, and try to excrete the lung gas.Repeat inhalation and exhale, 3-5 minutes each time.



If the expectant mother is standing or sitting, she feels short of chest tightness, she should immediately keep her upright, and her shoulders are backwards.This allows the lungs to expand as much as possible and help inhale more oxygen.If you are sleeping at night when you sleep at night, it is recommended to use a sleeping posture on the left, or use a pillow to raise your head to slow down the breath and chest tightness.

Bare chest


Taking the mother’s breasts to help breathe smoother, it is also effective for alleviating chest tightness and shortness of breath.At this time, if you can drink a glass of warm water, the effect will be better.Because the gas is often breathing air, the tracheal mucosa is very easy to dry. Drinking warm water or allowing pregnant women to inhale the hot vapor of boiling water can moisturize the airway mucosa to help breathe.



If the expectant mothers often have short chest tightness, and each symptoms are very serious. It is recommended to prepare an oxygen machine at home to increase oxygen inhalation during the attack.

Appropriate exercise


Proper exercise of expectant mothers can improve lung capacity, increase respiratory function, and improve shortness of breath during pregnancy.It is recommended to take about 30 minutes after dinner, and you can arrange aerobic exercise such as yoga and swimming appropriately.

Author: Zhao Yingquan

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