Pregnant women’s emotions will have three impacts on the fetus. Learn these 5 tricks and get rid of negative emotions

Everyone knows that the 10 months of pregnancy is not good. After pregnancy, the female’s body will change greatly, and the hormone level in the body will also occur abnormal, which will cause the mood of pregnant women to change greatly.

But what many people don’t know is that this emotional change not only affects the mental health of pregnant women, but also causes a lot of adverse effects on the fetus in the abdomen.

If the mood of pregnant women during pregnancy is in a state of downturn for a long time, and she will even often lose her temper and anger, then it will not only affect her future character, but also affect the health of the fetus.

1) Affect baby’s intelligence

If the emotions of the expectant mothers are low and psychologically there is tremendous pressure, it will greatly affect the nerve development of the fetus, which will affect the intellectual development of the fetus.

David Laplans, the head of the Canadian frozen rain, has a clear conclusion by studying a severe freezing rain in Quebec in 1998.

The frozen rainy lattice seriously affected the lives of local residents. Later, the investigation found that the child who had gone to the pregnant woman who had gone through the frozen rainstorm would have obvious language and intelligence in terms of language and intelligence when they grew around 5 years old.difference.

David Laplante believed that the prospective mothers who experienced the natural disaster were in a state of high spiritual tension for a long time, and because of this, it changed the degree of neurological development of the fetus in the abdomen and then affected intellectual development.

2) Affect the child’s personality

When people are poor and psychological pressure, a stress hormone will secrete in the body, which will cause people to accelerate their heartbeat and breathe.When pregnant women have a long period of mood and psychological pressure, this pressure hormone will be secreted in large quantities.

In the long run, it will be passed to the fetus through the placenta, and the fetus will receive this pressure hormone for a long time, and the area of emotional regulation and memory will be impacted.The result is that the child will change after birth, cannot control his emotions, and his memory becomes poor.

3) Affect baby health

Studies have proved that long -term emotions for pregnant women not only affect their physical health, but also hurt the fetus.Long -term downturn will greatly affect autoimmunity, and also affect the fetal immunity, which will also cause the physiological defects of the fetus.

During pregnancy, it is never a relaxed stage for women, but because of the changes in hormones in the body, most expectant mothers will have various emotions out of control during pregnancy, and severe depression will occur.

Therefore, how to mediate emotions during pregnancy has become a lesson for prospective mothers.

1) Learn to vent

When the expectant mothers have a low mood and psychological pressure, don’t hold it in your heart and suppress herself. You can choose to release the depression in your heart through records or find a friend to talk to your heart.

2) Dynamic attention

The expectant mothers can also achieve the purpose of calming emotions by diverting attention, listen to their favorite songs, chase the drama they want to chase early, try some things they are interested in, etc., and have shifted their attention.Naturally, you can calm down.

3) Eliminate bad emotions by learning

Many pregnant mothers are under pressure, low emotional and many rumors during pregnancy are inseparable. If there is a little wind blowing, they are afraid of a bad impact on the fetus. Instead of being so nervous, it is better to read books and learn more about books.Mental, don’t be scared by rumors.

4) Appropriate exercise

The appropriate exercise during pregnancy is not only conducive to the health of pregnant women, but also for the growth and development of the fetus, but also helps the emotional mediation of Baoma.Walking, pregnancy yoga or swimming are all good choices.And proper exercise also helps sleep.

5) Seek help from family members

In the end, it is also the most practical method. When the expectant mothers have a low emotional mood and the pressure feels that they can’t carry them, they may wish to help the family around them. The family is the strongest backing of the expectant mothers when she is sad.

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In short, the low mood of expectant mothers during pregnancy does affect the health of the fetus, and most of the pregnant women will have more or less emotional instability, which is understandable.

I just hope that expectant mothers can learn to adjust their emotions and release emotions through the right way, so as to ensure that they are healthy and minimize the negative impact on the baby.

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