Pregnant women’s heat stroke can easily affect fetal development 6 methods can prevent heat stroke from heat stroke

The harm of heat of pregnant women

The pregnant mother of heat stroke is dizziness, chest tightness, sweaty, nausea, and high heat, coma, and convulsions, which not only seriously affects the health of pregnant mothers, but sometimes the harm to the fetus is sometimes devastating.The first is that abnormalities of maternal temperature adjustment will have a certain impact on the fetus.Mothers who have early pregnancy can cause fetal malformations or abnormal development.Secondly, when the mother’s blood circulation disorder and convulsions occur due to heat stroke, they will definitely affect the nutrition and gas exchange between the uterine and placental velvet fur, which will lead to insufficient blood supply to the fetus and hypoxia. In severe cases, in severe cases, it will inevitably leadIn distress, death in the palace, death, premature birth, etc.

Is there any way for pregnant women to prevent heat stroke?

How to prevent heat stroke in pregnant women

Pay attention to personal hygiene, often scrubbing with warm water: If you wash with cold water, skin dirt is not easy to eliminate, and pregnant women are prone to colds when they are cold. If it is soaked in hot water, high temperature will hurt the central nervous system that the fetus is developing, causing fetal malformations.

The clothes should be cool and large: Pregnant women are best to choose silk or cotton -weaving clothes for personal clothes. The clothes should be loose, and the bra and belt should not be tight.

Reasonable arrangement of diet: In order to ensure the nutrition of the mother and fetus, pregnant women should maintain their appetite in the summer and eat more fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, tomatoes, lentils, winter melons, etc.; Eat more fresh bean products, eat chicken shreds, shredded pork, egg flower, egg flowerSoup made of seaweed and shiitake mushrooms; at the same time, often change dishes.In addition, pay attention to eating less greasy food.If there is no significant edema during pregnancy, drink some salt -containing beverages to supplement the salt of sweat loss.

Don’t be greedy: Pregnant women walk into rooms with cold air from high temperatures. It is not advisable to stay too long to prevent the abdomen from being cold.It is best not to sit at the air in the air when you are cool. You ca n’t sleep in the sky when you sleep. You ca n’t sleep on the straw mats in the cement field. Do n’t blow directly when using a fan. The wind speed should be ease or shake the fan.In addition, it is not advisable to eat more cold drinks.

Make sure that sleep rest: It takes a lot of heat and physical strength, and it is often easy to get fatigue due to bad rests such as mosquito bites in the evening. Therefore, it is easier for pregnant women to feel fatigue.

Happy mood and comfortable: The hot mood is irritable, and this mood will also interfere with the environment of the fetus growth in the uterus.On the contrary, the wide -minded and chest can alleviate the heat of the heat, which is conducive to the stability and stability of the fetal growth environment.

Pregnant women should pay more attention to the above points in the summer to prevent heat stroke.

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