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In the past two days, a Weibo frequently appeared on the hot search, which aroused the attention of Binbin: Some people acquired 12 yuan per kilogram of urine in pregnant women.

This news came out, everyone felt that it was really raising knowledge!

Pregnant mothers sometimes ask urine when they go to the hospital for pregnancy, but they never expected that someone to acquire pregnant women’s urine.In fact, as early as the fan group of "I have" a good pregnant group, some pregnant mothers once said that some people came to collect "pregnant women’s urine".

Knowing that someone is pregnant with urine, I believe that the first reaction of the pregnant mother Baoma is shocked. Secondly, I do n’t understand. Why do people come back to collect urine and "pregnant women urine"?Intersection

In this issue, Bin Bin will take you to understand what is the use of "pregnant women’s urine"?

What’s the difference between pregnant women’s urine?

Ordinary people can extract one kilogram of urine kinase per ten tons of urine.With the improvement of the process, the recovery rate of urine excitement can reach 90%.

Urine enzymes are mainly suitable for thrombolysis of thrombolytic diseases, including acute broad pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, etc.

I remember that people’s urine was collected in the countryside for fertilization, because human urine contains trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, urea, creatinine, uric acid, etc., which is a good fertilizer.

There is a special collection of maternity urine. Do pregnant women have more trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, urea, creatinine, uric acid, and the products produced by some human body metabolism. Can they be made into better fertilizers?

If this is the case, then the pregnant woman is urinating, and the urine of pregnant women is really different from ordinary urine.

Pregnant women’s urine contains velvetic membrane to promote gonadotropin (HCG), especially for pregnant women who are three months before pregnancy. Urine is more valuable. It will help the development and production of early pregnancy test strips.

What is the use of HCG?

As a familiar diagnostic indicator of early pregnancy, HCG, in addition to having an important auxiliary diagnostic value in terms of diseases and pregnancy, as a hormone, its medicinal value cannot be underestimated.

1. Lbality function stimulus

HCG’s pharmacological effect is similar to lutein -promoting lutein, which promotes the maturity and ovulation of follicles for female properties, and turns the rupture follicles into luteum, which prompts it to secrete progesterone.

It is reported that HCG plays a decisive role in the development of pregnancy and early pregnancy. When it is suspected of having luteal dysfunction, HCG can be given immediately after ovulation to promote luteal development.If HCG is detected early during pregnancy, the HCG preparations that are insufficient in HCG and replenish sufficient dosage in time can effectively prevent abortion.

2. Moisturizing cell hormone

HCG has the effect of promoting inter -quality cell hormones in males, promotes the production of androgen, promotes the development and maturity of sexual organs and side sexual characteristics, and promotes sperm production, which helps to accelerate recovery and increase the surrogacy rate.

After learning about the truth of this incident, some netizens teased "long knowledge, as if it had lost a million", "I know it is late, I feel that I washed away a house", and some asked, "I can urinate several pounds a few times a pound? "

In fact, these remarks are just talking. Even if they know the real use of recycling pregnant women’s urine, many pregnant women still say "difficult to accept". After all, this involves personal privacy, and who is not bad for this?

There are also some recycling of pregnant women’s urine. Regardless of giving money, instead of using small objects such as soap, towels, in exchange for pregnant women’s urine, it is easier to be accepted by everyone.

Because this method of "placing things with objects" is more common in the countryside, and everyone’s psychological threshold is relatively low. After all, urine selling is not too glorious, and the method of replacement is at most it is a hand -to -hand, without such a big psychological burden.

Early pregnancy test paper test paper test paper

Early pregnancy test strip is a means to help determine the more effective pregnancy. The principle is to determine whether to be pregnant by detecting the concentration of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in women’s urine.

The HCG concentration in the morning urine is the highest and the easiest to be detected. Therefore, for women specializing in pregnancy, morning urine should be selected for pregnancy test.

When there are two bars in the pregnancy test, it means that you are pregnant.To get further confirmation, you still need to go to the hospital for a series of production inspections such as blood tests and B -ultrasound. Don’t be too excited!

After discovering that you are pregnant, you should follow the doctor’s advice. Not every time you check, you need to use morning urine. Communicate with the doctor in advance. Don’t let yourself "urinate" in vain.

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