Pregnant women’s wisdom tooth inflammation actually caused fetal heart to stop. How important is oral health during pregnancy?

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[Sohu Health] A 30 -year -old pregnant mother’s wisdom tooth inflammation was inflamed. Due to the swollenness, it later caused fetal stops and dangers.How important is oral health during pregnancy?

Change hormone level during pregnancy causes hidden dangers of the oral cavity

Due to changes in hormone levels in the body during pregnancy, the hidden hazard outbreak of the oral cavity that is usually ignored, and the consequences cannot be ignored.Therefore, oral examination during pregnancy is very important.

1. Make up teeth

There are often pregnant women with a big belly to replenish their teeth. The shallow caries are okay, and they can be treated during pregnancy.If the dental caries are deeper, you need to take X -ray hemp medicine for root canal treatment. It is tricky during pregnancy. At this time, the pain is also more powerful. Usually, it can only be treated urgently.Dental caries should be filled during pregnancy, which requires timely improvement of root canal treatment to prevent toothache during pregnancy.

2. Washing teeth

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, gums will be very sensitive. In order to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease during pregnancy, periodontal treatment before pregnancy should be performed.

3. Tooth extraction

The previously mentioned fetal patients were caused by the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan too seriously.Before pregnancy, check the residual crown in the mouth and block wisdom teeth. The bad teeth of hidden dangers should be pulled out.Although the wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan does not have such a sad result, the opening is limited, swollen, unable to eat, and sleepy. It is really painful to give birth to countless expectant mothers.

Oral health, what can mothers do?

Specific mothers should do a good job of oral hygiene, and insist on brushing their teeth correctly in the morning and evening.If the tooth problem needs to be treated, then some oral therapy can also be performed in the second trimester (April-June): such as the filling of dental caries, the rinse of the crown period, the obvious image of the periodontal disease, and the fetal state is stable.Washing teeth or even tooth extraction is also possible.

Therefore, even if you have a tooth problem during pregnancy, you should go to the doctor in time. It is safe to use painkillers and anesthesia reasonably during pregnancy. Do not delay treatment.””””Pregnant woman””2019 calculation health conference”””

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