Preparation APP Evaluation

Many sisters who are planning to prepare for pregnancy or are already pregnant are tangled. I do n’t know if I am preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy. Which mobile app is easy to use.”My Parenting Diary”””””

So, I chose the seven apps I used to evaluate (the ranking is not divided).

The rankings are not divided into order

I use this app almost from university to the present.

It was used to record the menstrual period, and reports were automatically generated according to different data of the menstrual period.Record the ovulation period.Complete functions: Aunt Encyclopedia, Both the Gender, Preparation of Preparation of Preparation, Plastic Surgery.It is also a communication platform for women’s topics. It can communicate smoothly on it. It is also a female e -commerce app.

Disadvantages: The knowledge about pregnancy is slightly less, and the knowledge of pregnancy is not comprehensive.It is simply used to record the menstrual period, and occasionally planting some good things.

Intimate thing: It has a boyfriend version.(Xiaobai straight man can also change his heart boyfriend)

The interface is simple and straightforward, which is digital movement.There is no advertisement, you can use it without logging in (the data can be synchronized after login).You can use it.For some sisters who like simple apps, they should be very interesting.

It is also a very simple and direct app, which is to record contractions, and then there is a window to leave a message to the doctor (generally not used)

Insufficient: There are advertisements at the bottom, which is a bit annoying.

In addition to a large number of prenatal education music, there are also a lot of handicraft prenatal education. During the boring during pregnancy, you can do handmade in steps, or to teach children to make manual later.

There are a lot of small tools, and you can know if you look at the picture.

Very comprehensive tool

Complete functions and rich knowledge.

For pregnant mothers, it is a artifact. There are professional preparation, pregnancy, childcare assistant tools, fetal development reminders every day, physical changes every day during pregnancy, daily recipes, and various convenient "can you eat""Can you do" tools and avoid the trouble of checking Baidu.It is a well -equipped pregnancy -preserved app.

I will be intimately reminded to pregnant mothers every day, and inform the baby in the belly.

The old -fashioned pregnancy app has a complete function and comprehensive knowledge.Very suitable for novice parents.

This APP is endorsed by Xie Na, a new mother, and has 14 years of professional mother and baby experience. It can help novice mothers understand the knowledge of pregnancy and help novice dads to understand the care of the escort during pregnancy. It is a relatively complete maternal and infant community APP in China.

New mother Xie Na endorsement

I believe that many of the beautiful expectant mothers have been entangled with such a question: Can I use skin care products during pregnancy, what can I use skin care products, and will the cosmetics component affect the baby’s health?

True APP can perfectly solve this problem.

1. Custom skin reminder to avoid risk components

2. Massive cosmetics batch number query

3. Cosmetic reminder, intelligent reminder cosmetics can be used in the number of days

4. Precision risk cosmetics ingredients

Helping expectant mothers to choose suitable skin care products is also suitable for usual use.(I have always loved APP with allergic skin)

Hope to help you who are tangled.If you have a better app, you are also welcome to leave a comment to make more sisters see it.

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