Prepare pregnancy, pregnancy, how should folic acid be eaten?

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Xiaoting went to a pre -marital examination some time ago. The hospital sent free folic acid to eat her, saying that supplementing folic acid during pregnancy can prevent deformity of the fetal fetus.After returning home, she found that her recently pregnant cousin was also supplemented with folic acid, but the cousin eats the composite vitamins opened by the hospital. The content of folic acid is 800 mg, but the free folic acid you eat is 400mg.Xiaoting ran over the next day and asked me:

"Teacher Guo, is this folic acid began to make up before pregnancy? Or can you make up after pregnancy? It is said that pregnant women can prevent fetal malformations when eating folic acid.Pregnancy, not only women want to eat folic acid, but men also eat, is it like this? "

How to replenish folic acid for pregnancy

A large amount of data has confirmed that folic acid plays a key role in the division of cells and the synthesis of DNA genetic materials. If the lack of folic acid in pregnant women will affect the development of the nervous system of the fetus, the incidence of neural tube deformities will increase significantly.In the first three months of pregnancy to the first three months of pregnancy, the incidence of fetal neuroplastin can be reduced by 85%by supplementing folic acid. Therefore, pregnant women who are prepared and early pregnancy are recommended to supplement folic acid.

Why supplement folic acid from the first three months of pregnancy is because folic acid metabolizes in our body and reached a certain effective concentration. It takes about 2-3 months.For women who are deficient in folic acid, they can only maintain a certain concentration in the early pregnancy in the early pregnancy.In addition, the important time for the development of the fetal nervous system is 3-6 weeks of pregnancy. It continues to supplement folic acid during early pregnancy to better achieve the role of preventing fetal nerve tube deformities.

Do you need to supplement folic acid?

Pregnant women and pregnant women need to supplement folic acid. Most people already know, but many pregnant couples have doubts. In addition to expectant mothers need to supplement folic acid, should prospective dads supplement folic acid?What is the use of men to eat folic acid?

According to a research data from State University in California, the level of folic acid in men has a significant correlation with sperm quality, and the chance of sperm abnormalities in men with high folic acid levels is significantly reduced.Folic acid will affect the synthesis of DNA. If the level of folic acid in men is low, the number of sperm abnormal sperm will increase significantly.

Therefore, in order to improve sperm quality, it is best to supplement folic acid in moderation during pregnancy.

How much does it take to prevent fetal deformity folic acid?

Regarding the problem of folic acid supplementary doses, they are often asked: "Doctors, they all say that preventing fetal nerve tube deformities should be supplemented with 0.4mg of folic acid.The folic acid in Lewei is 0.8mg, will this exceed the standard? Is it not good to make up too much? "

According to my country’s 2016 "Women’s Dietary Guidelines", it is recommended that the entire pregnancy should take 400 μg/d orally, and take green leafy vegetables every day.However, in my country’s 2017 edition of "Adding Folic acid Prevention Deficiency Guide to Prevention of Folic acid during pregnancy", the core recommendation of women with no high -risk factors: It is recommended to increase 0.4 mg or 0.8mg folic acid daily from possible pregnancy or before pregnancy to at least 3 months before pregnancy. Until 3 months of pregnancy.For couples with a history of neurotic defects and couples with neural tube defects, it is recommended that the amount of folic acid supplement can increase to 5mg.

Therefore, it is possible to add folic acid during pregnancy, 0.4 mg or 0.8mg.

Can I still drink pregnant women’s milk powder after eating folic acid?

Many pregnant women’s milk powder now contains folic acid. If you are using folic acid supplements, or if you eat composite vitamins containing folic acid, you also want to drink pregnant women’s milk powder. You need to calculate the total amount of folic acid.For ordinary healthy pregnant women, it is best to supplement the total amount of folic acid daily not exceeding 1 mg.If the total dose has exceeded 1 mg, it is best not to drink pregnant women’s milk powder.In addition, the heat of milk powder for pregnant women is relatively high, especially for pregnant women who have increased blood sugar during pregnancy. Drinking pregnant women’s milk powder may also increase the burden on the islet function.From the perspective of controlling weight or controlling blood sugar, I think eating composite vitamins is better than drinking pregnant women’s milk powder, haha.

There are still some saying that supplementing folic acid may cause miscarriage, children who eat folic acid may be autistic, etc. Is it safe to eat folic acid?Is there any side effects?If you want to know, listen to the decomposition next time.


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