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Back pain

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What is the pain of back pain?

People often say back pain. This area generally refers to the back area below the thorax. Therefore, back pain, in fact, most of them are "back and back pain", which are generally classified as lower back pain.

Generally speaking, back pain within three months is acute back pain, and it can generally be classified as chronic back pain for more than three months.

Why does the back of the waist hurt?

The spine is in the pelvic cavity, like a pot of trees, planting in a basin.

Just as the potted plants require the fixing of the soil in the pot, it will not fall down. The human spine requires the parcel, fixing and support of peripheral muscles.The muscles supporting the spine are mainly abdominal muscles, waist and back muscles, gluteal muscles and thigh muscles.

Due to the exercise habits and physical attitudes of modern people, the corresponding muscle group deformation and functional recession are caused, just like the soil of the wrapped tree has been loose, which causes the muscle imbalance and pain and pain.

In short, it is bad posture+muscle overwork, causing back pain.

Which muscle problems can cause back pain?

1. Pull the waist and back muscles to deformed

The vertebrae of the human body have a normal physiological curve of recessed. Due to sedentary fatigue, people will form a reverse arched back and bend the posture, which tighten the waist and back muscles that were originally depressed.In the long run, the waist and back muscles have been stretched and lost elasticity, and the effect of firm fixing the spine has been lost, and the severe spine itself will deform.

2. Lisidity of the abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles are not strong, which is another important cause of soreness in the back of the back.For example, women after production are particularly prone to waist and back soreness, not because of cold, but because the fetus has severely relaxed the abdominal muscles during pregnancy, which greatly reduces the abdominal pressure, which has lost the function of effective fixing spine.

Many people do not exercise for a long time. With the increase of abdominal muscles in age, all the functions of fixed spine are transferred to the waist and back muscles to form an abnormal state of unilateral support, which is particularly prone to lumbar and back pain.

3. Degenerate of the hip and thigh muscles

The butt is the base of the spine.If the hip muscles are soft, of course, the package will not be able to support the spine.The thigh muscles are actually closely connected to the gluteal muscles.If the thighs are weak, the hip muscles will also suffer.

How to treat back pain?

Generally speaking, most lumbar and back pain do not require surgery, but it can take some non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs to relieve pain, such as Selashiby, relying on Coscan, and so on.

In the acute period, we usually recommend that patients do some conventional physical therapy to improve pain problems, such as traction, microwave, magnetic therapy, massage, acupuncture, laser, ultrasound, etc.Such therapies are mainly anti -inflammatory pain relief, blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and have good therapeutic effects.

But old patients who have done physical therapy can understand that therapy treats the standard.Therefore, after the pain is relieved, we must also conduct a certain amount of lumbar muscle training, mainly to apply various methods to actively and effectively exercise the strength of the lumbar muscles, increase the force of the lumbar ligament, the rear ligament and side ligaments, and avoid the normal intervertebral disk to break through the normal body of the human body.Ligue, muscle protection.

In addition, you should also pay attention to rest to avoid sitting for a long time and reducing the over -pressure compression of the lumbar spine.Only effective enhancement of lumbar muscle can reduce or avoid the occurrence of back pain.

Teach you home exercise to relieve back pain


1. Correct sitting

Simply put, it is sitting like a bell, lying like a pine, and the wind.

We will use our bodies at all times in our lives, walk, run, jump, board, lying, lift, back, mention, etc., such as the most common posture, if persistentIn fact, it is a good way to exercise.

2. Correct stand

3. Lie correctly

Generally speaking, according to each person’s age, body shape, etc., the height of the pillow is 7-10cm, which is appropriate to have a certain support and breathable material.

4. The correct moving heavy object

The back of the waist is the core force area of the human body, which plays a great supporting role. Moreover, many very expensive organs are concentrated in the waist.Generally speaking, the weight of the object should be evaluated first when raising the heavy object, and the way to carry the handling method and route in advance should be judged in advance.


A, separate your feet, reduce the center of gravity, close to the object of handling, and keep your waist straight.

B, squat and keep your waist straight, grasp heavy objects, and move heavy objects with your feet instead of the waist.

C, slowly get up, keep your waist straight, do not twist your waist, and complete the change with your footsteps.

5. Adjust work pressure

In addition, uncomfortable office chairs, lazy sitting positions, and endless overtime will increase the burden on your waist and back muscles, causing their fatigue.

6. Adjust backpack weight

Too heavy backpacks can easily cause fatigue of the back muscles, which is common in outdoor travel.

For students and commuters with backpacks, a moderate weight backpack can play a little exercise on the way to get off work, but if the walking time is too long, or your muscle strength is not enough to support you for a long time Being negative, it is recommended to reduce weight and bearing time.

7. Moderate exercise

For sports enthusiasts, excessive exercise is the biggest killer that leads to muscle overwork.末 揠 揠 揠 揠 揠 揠 揠 揠 揠 揠 揠 often causes injuries.Therefore, it should be: different from person to person, step by step, long water flow, health first.

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