Pulmonary nodules 83: Can young women prepare for pregnancy?Give birth?

Youth women in childbearing age encounters grinding glass nodules

The position of the nodules is relatively deep, and many doctors recommend combining lung segments or lobe resection

Surgery first?Prepare pregnancy first?In the mess …

After reading the film, let the pregnancy decisively prepare for pregnancy first

The last time the last CT review was 14 months

Daughter is healthy and smooth birth

After 10 days after giving birth, I couldn’t wait to make a CT for me to read the movie

Nodular lines are not moving

My conclusion: Continue to observe, the enemy moves me

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The case shared today is young women, 31 years old, and a little boy in the first grade this year. He planned to have a second child, but because of the foundation of lung grinding glass nodules, he was entangled in first surgery, or he was pregnant first.I gave some positive suggestions through several readings and gave birth to the second child smoothly.

First of all, congratulations to this 31 -year -old glass nodule.The protagonist here we call her: Hi Yangyang.Next we look at his information.

Medical history

Xi Yangyang is a friend of the two fans. At the age of 31, we should know it for almost 2 years.On January 1, 2021, the physical examination was found to have a multi -grinding glass nodule in the lungs. Like all patients who first discovered lung grinding glass nodules, they were panicked. In addition, my son was more than 5 years old., Find online and offline all the major domestic hospitals. In short, everyone has different opinions and helpless.Because the more you ask, you don’t know if you are surgery first?Or sir?How long can I have children after surgery?

Like many people, for the first time, I came into contact with grinding glass nodules and encountered the problem of Yun Yun. This kind of pressure has made a lot of young young people who are full of vitality and longing for life.The attention of the headline to me, let us know, and become a friend of my fan base, we will read the film next.

Pulmonary nodule picture

Nodule 1:

Number 2

Number 3

Nodular 4

It has been a year since the reading film is found. Some doctors have let the surgery, and some doctors have observed it every 3-6 months.No matter which choice above, of course, it is not possible to get pregnant during this period.

The following is the record of our reading of the film:

First exchange: February 13-14, 2022

(1) Several local three hospitals recommend lobe resection.

(2) I judge that it is cancer in situ, and there is no need to consider surgery for the time being.

(3) It is recommended that the second child’s second childbirth.

Second exchange: February 23, 2022

For the first time, although I gave her a strong confidence, Xiyangyang still didn’t know much about the characteristics of grinding glass nodules.I also analyzed the recent situation of grinding glass nodules in the internal and external grinding. I believe that a large number of follow -up information will not change this nodule in three or two years.

The third exchange: In May 14, 2022, the patient conducted a CT review again

My birth record …


(1) In this review, there is no change in the lesion, coupled with the follow -up of the follow -up for one and a half years. For the low -density grinding glass nodules, after more than 1 year of review, the lesion stabilizes, and the probability of the subsequent changes in the future is not high.Essence

(2) As a imaging doctor, I only need to judge the nature and risks of the nodules, and there will be no deviation for the diagnosis of grinding glass nodules.There is no need to bear the risk of making her pregnancy.But as a doctor, as a friend of my fan base, I still objectively analyzed the occurrence and progress of the lesion and progress.Personal experience believes that the problem is not great, so I asked her to prepare for pregnancy.

(3) Another reason is that each doctor also said that it is not the same as the patient’s swinging. This decision is better to decide if I want to decide on the patient. After all, my medical common sense is richer than the patient.

Sneak pregnancy, do not want to fight …

It may be that after the review, she was confident. Xi Yangyang began to be "secretly" pregnant. During this year, she also asked me to see CT images to her family, and she did not announce the good news in the group.Until one day, I suddenly said a word in the group … I received the blessings of many of our group friends in the next few days.

Information sent in the group before cesarean section

There is no review for 14 months, will the anxiety change

10 days after the baby is born

About 14 months before the last inspection

CT review was performed urgently

I sent me as soon as possible

After reading the film, I found that there is no change in the density and size, the characteristics of this nodule are clear … is to observe and adopt the treatment scheme of the enemy.Then we chatted a few more words …

With the opening of the country’s second and third -child policies, women in the childbearing age have found risk -risk pulmonary grinding glass nodules. Should she surgery first or prepare for pregnant baby first?This is a problem, and it is also an issue that requires individualization.

(1) I also have a lot of friends who are pregnant and have children, and there are still no problems with nodules, but we cannot say that any nodules can be pregnant first. For similar situations, we must weigh the advantages and disadvantages and make choices. It also reflects individualization and personalizationCondition.

(2) Pulmonary glass nodule imaging is determined as in -situ or micro -infiltrated adenocarcinoma. It is regularly followed up for about 2 years. The lesion is in a stable period and can continue to be observed.Prognosis (affected by factors such as size and malignant) can still be cured.

(3) For the better position of the nodule, it is also a solution to choose the first surgery before pregnancy. After all, the damage is not great, but the patient’s location is relatively deep. From the perspective of imaging, it is not possible to go to the absence of surgery.

(4) In the case of similar situations, weigh the advantages and disadvantages with experienced doctors, and make the best and decisive choices.If you plan to ask for a child, hurry up and give birth, after all, it takes time.

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