Qingdao Xiyuehui: Daddy must know how many things for pregnant women. How much do you master?

Some people think that pregnancy is a woman’s business and does not matter men.This idea is wrong and a backward idea.During pregnancy, there are many things that need to be involved in the involvement of Dad.If the prospective dad is not considerate enough, pregnant women will inevitably have complaints and affect the relationship between husband and wife.Here, I will introduce a few things for the prospective dad to understand the pregnant women. Each one is very important, please keep in mind!

Care about the emotions of pregnant women

October is a very hard thing. Pregnant women have suffered a lot of sin on their bodies, and they want to get the care of her husband psychologically.

In the early pregnancy, you need to go through the pregnancy reaction and you can’t eat it; in the middle and late pregnancy, due to the role of hormones in the body and the pressure of work and life, the mothers of expectant mothers become more sensitive, lose their temper, and easily affect the fetus in the abdomen.There will be edema of limbs and inconvenience.The prospective dad should care more about pregnant women and help them resolve their emotions.

Help reduce the pregnancy reaction

In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women have a pregnancy reaction, and the prospective dad can take some measures to help them reduce the condition.

It can prepare some light, nutritious foods, which is conducive to digestion of pregnant women.

You can accompany pregnant women to eat more light and delicious vegetables and fruits, and insist on eating less meals, which is conducive to increasing the appetite of pregnant women.

You can prepare biscuits or snacks for pregnant women, and eating a little can relieve nausea and vomiting.

Learn about pregnancy

The prospective dad must understand a few things of pregnant women. One of the important things is the knowledge of pregnancy.From pregnancy to childbirth, to serving confinement, prospective dad needs to know a lot of knowledge.If you do n’t take good care of your own, you can negotiate with your family, or arrange to find a moon or the confinement center in advance, so that your wife and children can be better taken care of.

For example, how to help pregnant women replenish nutrition correctly, pregnant women cannot overwork, pay attention to keep warm.

When pregnant women are about to give birth, the prospective dad needs to understand the relevant characteristics and response measures.For example, when pregnant women are broken, they must keep lying down to reduce the outflow of amniotic fluid and wait for the ambulance to come.

Understand the way prenatal education

The prospective dad can be pregnant for prenatal education together.At 16 weeks of pregnancy, you can perform music prenatal education to promote the healthy development of your baby’s physical and mental.Easy music can stabilize the baby.The volume of music should not be too large, and it is best to stay at 5-10 minutes each time.

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, dialogue can be performed.The prospective dad can talk to the fetus. The language must be full of feelings, which is conducive to the development of the baby’s brain language area.In addition, there are ways to touch prenatal education and light prenatal education.


The process of pregnancy is very hard. The prospective dad can help massage acupuncture points to relieve pregnancy discomfort.Pregnant women’s most distressed is the edema and back pain during pregnancy. Although the prospective dad cannot be shared, she can massage the back and legs of the pregnant woman.

Massage acupoints such as Shenshu and Taichong acupoints every night can promote blood circulation and relieve edema.Massage the bamboo acupoint can relieve pregnancy and improve insomnia.

The above is a few things for prospective dads.Pregnant women are unstable during pregnancy and are easy to get angry. The prospective dad must be more considerate to help them divert mood.Qingdao Xiyuehui reminded the prospective dad to quit smoking. If you can’t quit, you must also smoke in front of pregnant women.The prospective dad can exercise in a moderate amount with pregnant women and take a brisk walking outdoors. It can be happy and healthy.

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