Qinhuangdao City Maternal and Child Health Hospital will teach you a small trick for cold home treatment during pregnancy

In everyone’s minds, colds are the most common diseases, and they are the minor illnesses in everyone’s minds, and even some people do not treat it as a disease.But if you have a cold, you still need to pay attention.How should pregnant mothers avoid and prevent colds?Next, let’s talk about how to prevent colds during pregnancy and self -conditioning methods in the early stages of colds.

Diet prevention:

1. Usually you can cook a bowl of simple two white soup for yourself and his family: 15g white, 30g of white radish, 3g of coriander root, add an appropriate amount of drinking water, boil and drink.

2. If you want to add porridge to millet porridge, you must not miss this bowl of red jujube pear porridge: 1 Yali (peeled), 6 jujube (cut off the nuclear), add an appropriate amount of water, filter the decoction, use 50g rice or 50g of rice orXiaomi porridge, add the cooked red dates pear soup after the porridge is cooked, and then boil it. The point is that people who are usually easy to get angry can eat.

Living and living protection:

1. In daily life, we need to increase or decrease clothes in time, thin and thick;

2. There are festivals in diet, that is, the diet should be appropriate, appropriate, avoid eating stimuli, and avoid gathered dinner;

3. "Living" is common, that is, we must go to bed early and exercise properly to avoid places and public places where people gather;

4. Relax and avoid mental tension; in the "Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon", "the spirit is internal, the sickness has never been stable", so we must maintain a balanced mentality.

What should I do if pregnant women have a cold?

method one:

Pregnant women with light cold can drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest and keep warm; pour hot water of about 42 ° C in the insulation tea cup. Those who have colds will explore their mouth and nose into the mouth of the tea cup and continue to inhale the hot steam, three times a day.

Method Two:

When the throat is itchy and painful from the beginning of a cold, immediately use heavy salt water to rinse and throat every 10 minutes, and can be effective at about 10 times.

Method three:

When a pregnant woman coughs, one egg can be evenly picked up, add a small amount of white sugar and ginger juice, and rinse it with half a cup of boiling water.

Method 4:

Drinking chicken soup can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose during a cold, and it has a good effect on removing the respiratory virus.Drinking chicken soup frequently can enhance the human body’s own resistance and prevent colds.Add some pepper, ginger and other condiments to the chicken soup, or eat below to cure a cold.

Method 5:

Traditional Chinese medicine can effectively control the cold virus without toxicity. Therefore, the dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine are the best way to treat pregnant women. Pregnant women who have a cold can take Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Kind tips:

1. The above method is only applicable to patients with milder symptoms in the early stages of colds and colds;

2. Use Chinese medicine prevention must be prescribed by the professional physician, and you must not judge the selection by yourself;

3. If the cold is aggravated, the hospital needs to seek medical treatment immediately.


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