Questions and answers of sexual health knowledge, what is the unexpected pregnancy rate of in vitro?


What is the probability of unexpected pregnancy in vitro?

The probability of in vitro radon has no exact value, which is related to various factors such as male constitution and control.

There are many couples in life who like to use in vitro ejaculation to contraception. They feel that sperm ejaculates outside the body. Not only such a female vagina, sperm eggs are not combined, so they will not get pregnant. In fact, this is not the case.

In sexual life, men usually flow out of some semen before ejaculation, and the penis cannot be pulled out in time, resulting in a part of the semen ejaculated in the vagina when ejaculation, or before reaching the climax, a small amount of secretions enter the vagina. In the endIt can lead to the possibility of accidental pregnancy.

It is recommended to choose some contraceptive methods with high contraceptive rates, such as condoms, oral contraceptives, and so on.


What does ejaculation feel?

Ejaculation is a very complicated nerve and physiological reflection process. External force continues to strengthen stimulation of the penis. The erectile impulse reaches the critical point. The spinal cord reflection will release strong nervous impulse to the pipeline, glands and muscles of the reproductive system, causing ejaculation.When the semen accumulates in the posterior urethra, there is a spermice.

Due to the changes in stress dynamics, a feeling of ejaculation is difficult to control, mainly manifested in the muscle spasm of men, elevated blood pressure, accelerated pulse rates, and flushing facial.A warm current shot through the urethra.This feeling has a strong pleasure, and some people will spread to feel or ejaculate pain, which is generally related to the growth of genital inflammation, frequent sexual intercourse, and age growth.


Will abstinence be extended?

Ascending for a while can not be extended for a while. Many people feel that they are caused by excessive indulgence of ejaculation, and they want to restore their bodies for a while. In fact, abstinence does not extend time.

I often encounter some patients in the clinic to consult. The husband and wife have been separated for too long. After sex, I feel that it is too fast after sex, but it will be fine for a period of time.

Men who are recommended to have a fast time are not afraid of sexual life, proper sexual life, and full practice of sexual skills, often have good results.Therefore, long -term abstinence, long -term abstinence can also affect physical health, such as function that affects the prostate.

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