Quickly tell this kind of kidney friend: mung bean soup, don’t eat it!

Mung beans are common foods in life, especially mung bean soup is a drink that we often drink in summer.

Kidney -launched nutritionist should remind you of the precautions for eating mung beans and drinking mung bean soup!

1. Kidney transplant, friends who take him in Kemodi and cycloin, don’t eat mung bean porridge and soup

He is also a type of immunosuppressor commonly used in patients with calcium phosphoric acid enzymes and is also commonly used in patients with kidney disease.

Especially patients with kidney transplantation, due to the need to suppress immune resistance rejection, he is often taken for life, and such drugs are easily affected by food.

It has been reported that some patients with kidney transplantation are relieve heat in summer, and they have eaten 1-2 weeks of mung bean food (mung bean soup, mung bean porridge or rice) in a row.Acute rejection.

There are also cases reports that after taking his Komoshi’s kidney transplant patients regularly, after continuous consumption of mung bean soup, the concentration of hemorhhin’s blood drugs decreased, and then acute rejection reactions appeared, and eventually transplanted kidney loss.

Due to the narrow "treatment windows", cyclopylane and hekemodis have high blood concentrations, and the concentration of blood drugs has increased side effects; it is too low to achieve the treatment effect.

Therefore, for all the kidney friends who are taking cyclopanicin and his Kemos, the kidney is online reminded to eat mung bean porridge and mung bean soup carefully.

Circusypein and him, those who can tolerate fasting taking medicine, it is recommended to take medicine on an empty stomach (an empty stomach here refers to 1 hour before meal or 2 hours after meals), reducing the impact of food on them.Except for mung beans, it is not recommended to eat grapefruit and grapefruit juice, because grapefruit fruit will increase the concentration of cyclopylacin and his blood drugs (the blood concentration is unstable).

So, what about other kidney friends who are taking such drugs?Let’s talk about it too.

Mung bean is a type of bean. Although it contains non -high -quality protein, it is also rich in dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines suggest that ordinary residents can match mung beans, red beans and other miscellaneous beans every day.Eat coarse grains and whole grains to supplement nutrition.

2. Mung beans, how much is other kidney friends suitable for eating?

Due to the high content of protein, potassium, and phosphorus in mung beans, most of the daily diet of kidney friends need to control protein intake, renal failure, dialysis kidney friends also need to limit potassium and phosphorus, so kidney friends need an appropriate amount.If kidney friends want to eat mung beans, it is recommended to eat 25g each time.

25g mung bean ▽

With so many beans, it is about a bowl of mung bean porridge.

25g of mung beans contain about 5.4g of protein, 84mg phosphorus, 197mg potassium, and eat in moderation, which is not easy to cause kidney -friendly protein, potassium, and phosphorus intake to exceed the standard.

-The kidney friends with high uric acid

Kidney friends with high uric acid may worry about the high purine content in mung beans and dare not eat.

In fact, the amount of purine intake, in addition to the content of the ingredients itself, is also related to the number of kidney friends.

It is recommended that kidney friends eat 25g of mung beans. 25g of mung beans contain only 49 mg of purine. The amount of purine is not high, so high uric acid kidney friends can eat with confidence.

If it is made into mung bean porridge, kidney friends can refer to this number, and then put a small amount in the appropriate amount of the number of people to eat each meal. Generally speaking, 1-2 mung beans are added with more rice to cook porridge enough to eat a family of three.

3. How to drink mung bean soup, kidney friends?

In addition to mung bean porridge, mung bean soup is also often drinking, especially in the hot weather at the moment, but mung bean soup is only drinking soup, basically does not eat mung beans, does not involve the problem of exceeding the standard of protein, so in terms of the number of mung beans,The kidney friends with normal kidney function can be less strict and drink normally.

-The kidney friend with renal failure, dialysis

In this part of the kidney friends, you should pay attention to drinking mung bean soup. Since the soup will dissolve most potassium and phosphorus in the soup, the potassium and phosphorus content in mung bean soup may not be low (depending on how much the mung bean is used)It is recommended to drink less renal failure and dialysis mung bean soup.

If you want to drink mung bean soup, it is recommended to make it yourself. First, soak the water bean water (1 in 1), soak it for a whole night, and then cook the mung bean soup.quantity.

In addition, dialysis needs to pay attention to drinking mung bean soup, and it also needs to calculate it into the amount of water throughout the day (hematoma and kidney friends are advised to be less than 1L of liquid per day, and the abdominal dialysis kidney friend is recommended to urine the previous day+ultrafiltration -500ml) In short, if the dialysis of the kidney friends drinking the mung bean soup, the water should drink less accordingly.

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