Rabbit rabbit technology | 11 measures to improve the gestation rate of female rabbits

Family rabbit update breeding reproduction is a long -term job for rabbit farms (households). If the female rabbit has the opportunity to conceive, although the rate of fetal rabbits is low after breeding, it can not achieve the ideal effect.In this way, I missed the breeding plan and delayed the breeding season. Spring and summer are the peak season for the breeding of rabbits in the northern family. Although the estrus of the rabbits at this time is higher than other seasons, it is necessary to increase the reconstruction rate of rabbits.Points:

1. Reasonable matching

To prevent premature breeding, the female rabbit is generally July, weighs about 2.5 kg, the male rabbit reaches September, and the breeding breeding is better when weighing about 3 kg.The age of choosing a female rabbit should be the best at the age of August to 2 years old. The 3 -year -old female rabbit should be gradually eliminated or entered the hair production group.In order to avoid the degradation of the variety, it should be prevented from mating in close relatives. At least within the third generation, there is no blood relationship; the elderly breeding male rabbits and the proud female rabbits are the best;8 to 10 female rabbits; or breed 3 to 5 times a week according to their constitution, and rest at least 1 day a week.In addition, the use of male rabbits should not exceed 3 years.

2. Before breeding, do a good job of checking the mother rabbit

In order to improve the fetal rabbit’s tire rate, try not to waste the breeding season. It is crucial to choose a breeding female rabbit before breeding. It is necessary to grasp 3 levels:

Empty mother rabbit inspection.Touch whether the mother rabbit’s lower abdomen is swollen and inflamed, whether the genitals and the vulva are inflamed.Rabbit with inflammation is often equipped with infertility. Any rabbit with such symptoms is cured before breeding.

Cut the hair.It is not too long to have a female rabbit body hair. It is required to cut the body hair 20 days before the breeding. This will not affect the breeding of the male rabbit, so that the female rabbit to raise the tail to improve the chance of getting on the fetus.

Female rabbit support.To check whether the mother rabbit’s nipples are complete, the normal rabbit nipples are more than 4 pairs, and some female rabbits have cut the nipples when she cut hair and cannot breastfeed; to check whether the original female rabbit has suffered from severe breastitis, it is necessary to master the original mother’s good or bad, Do you have the habit of eating and rabbits.

All those who do not meet the requirements cannot enter the breeding.

3. Master the best period of estrus

Observe the color changes of the female rabbit vulva and determine the best period of estrus.White indicates that there is no estrus; light red with slight edema is the early stage of estrus; dark red edema is the middle of estrus to the peak period; purple and red have high edema to be late.Generally, dark red is the best estrus period.The technicians must seize this opportunity, and they must be checked frequently before they can be discovered.

4. The male and female rabbits who accept the mating must have good physical condition

Pay attention to the breeding management of empty mother rabbits, master the rabbits, and not be fat and thin, especially if they are too fat, causing the mother’s rabbit’s uterus to thicken, disturb the ovulation, greatly reduce the tire rate, and often occur at the same time.Fake pregnancy phenomenon, more than 20 days after the fake pregnancy rabbit is breed, will make nests, pull -up, and elusive female rabbits. The symptoms are similar to normal pregnant female rabbits.The fertilizer rabbit should reduce the amount of feeding, reduce the nutrition of feed, feed more crude fiber feed or add drugs containing vitamin A and vitamin E to increase the replenishment of green feed, such as carrots, brown grass, wild grass, etc.The ongoing rate is good.Therefore, the male and female rabbits who accept the mating must have good physical condition, medium emotion, healthy, good disease, and normal appetite.The male rabbit is strong, and the public and female rabbit appetite is normal.

5. The breeding operation must be good

First clean up the objects that hinder the breeding activity in the breeding rabbit cage, take off the waterware (device), and send the female rabbit to the male rabbit cage to artificially Baoding female rabbit, so that the male rabbit occupies a position suitable for mating.EssenceDo not skimmed, external matching and chasing fatigue or biting each other.

6. Select mating time

The time of mating should be selected at 15-17, and the rabbits usually sleep in the morning every morning; do not breed in the poor mental state because emotion also affects conception.

7. Complex

In order to increase the surrogacy rate, the female rabbit should be raised for the second time within 2 to 4 hours after the first breeding.It should be matched with the original public and female rabbits. The two breeding time must not be shorter than 2 hours or 4 hours.If it is shorter than 2 hours, the public rabbit semen has insufficient storage. If it grows more than 4 hours, it is easy to cause different stages of pregnancy and different stages of birth.

8. Different Rabbit Reading

Use two male rabbits with different blood meters for 5 to 10 minutes (the interval between no more than 30 minutes), and the same female rabbit is matched once each (breeding purebred rabbits cannot be used in this method), which can increase the conception rate.Most of the law is used for commodity rabbit production.

9. Pay attention to the frequency of male rabbits

In order to maintain the sexual desire and good semen quality of the male rabbit, drinking cold water should be prohibited within half an hour after the breeding, and 2 female rabbits are adhered to every 5 days.

10. Ensure that the sperm quality of the male rabbit

For farms that use artificial insemination technology, the most important key of female rabbits on the fetus is whether the male rabbit sperm is effective. Generally, the use of physical allocation households will be blind at the beginning.Examination, observe the sperm density, strong vitality, and linear movement in the microscope. It can be put into use by more than 70%of the effective sperm.

11. Pay attention to pregnancy examination

The pregnancy examination should be completed 15 days ago. After 7 days of breeding, pay attention to observing the mother rabbit;Combine can judge whether pregnancy.If an empty arms must be matched in the middle of estrus.

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