Ran Yingying reduced the 4th child for 4 days for Zou Shiming to reduce 12 pounds in 10 days: It is said that this is easier to get pregnant

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Scientific pregnancy and healthy pregnancy are the first gift for the mother to give the baby.

Each expectant mother who is preparing to get pregnant is actively prepared for pregnancy in order to welcome the baby!

I will work hard to eat healthily, stay up late, smoke or drink, and work hard to maintain a healthy weight.

Ran Yingying, who was going to have 4 babies in the live broadcast a while ago, was working hard to lose weight recently. Netizens said: This is preparation for the 4th child!

For a long time, Zou Shiming has a daughter’s dream. In order to be able to fulfill her husband’s wish, Ran Yingying said that she was ready to give birth to the fourth baby.

Looking at Ran Yingying’s recent dynamics, she is actively losing weight.

In order to lose weight, she really controlled her mouth and opened her legs.

She adjusts her diet and insists on drinking 2-3 liters of water every day without eating high calories and high-sugar food.

She actively exercised, choosing a movement that allows herself to persist, such as walking quickly, walking 3-5 kilometers each morning and evening, it is easy to persist in daily life.

The road to weight loss must be hard, but Ran Yingying persisted, and she lost 12 pounds for 10 days as soon as she lost weight.

Seeing her recent photos, she really lost a lot.

In order to make himself healthy in a healthy physical condition, Ran Yingying also worked very hard.

If you really want to conceive the fourth child, I hope that their husband and wife can go well and get what they wish!

A minimum of 16 pounds for 2 months of pregnancy

Striving to lose weight is the most important thing during pregnancy!

Obesity does bring a lot of health problems, and it will indeed increase the difficulty of pregnancy.

Therefore, many obese girls are preparing for pregnancy and are actively losing weight.

A pregnant mother in Guangzhou, Ms. Yang, she did not conceive her baby for 4 years, because obesity caused polycysts and it is difficult to get pregnant.

Because she was difficult to get pregnant, she also thought about Dink, but she was afraid that her mother -in -law would not accept it.

The doctor said that if she wanted to get pregnant, she had to lose weight first, and she had more than 130 pounds during pregnancy.

In order to lose weight, she really controlled her diet very strictly for her baby. In 2 months, she lost 16 pounds and did not eat rice for a full month.

Now she has been pregnant with her baby and gave birth to her baby!

On social platforms, there are also many pregnant mothers who work hard to lose weight to conceive their babies.

"84.5kg, I need to lose weight to prepare for pregnancy!"

"Height 167 and weighing 165, it is really impossible to lose weight if you get pregnant!"

"Losing weight for the baby, 70 kilograms in two years!"

The road to weight loss is very hard, but thinning can really increase the chance of pregnancy. A healthy weight is the first gift for the baby!

A fat girl is pregnant

It’s really not so easy!

Let’s first understand what is obesity!

Based on body height and weight, we can calculate the body quality index (BMI): BMI = weight (kg)/height (m) 2.

The World Standards for the World Health Organization are:

BMI is normal in 18.5 ~ 24.9.

When BMI is overweight between 25-29.9.

When BMI> 30 belongs to the range of obesity.

The standard of obesity of the Chinese is:

BMI is a normal range in 18.5 ~ 23.9.

Given more than 24 ~ 27.9 is overweight, greater than equal to 28 as obesity.

To prepare for pregnancy, hurry up and calculate first.

How does obesity affect pregnancy?

First, obesity will directly affect conception.

① Obesity affects the menstrual cycle.If it is too fat and the body’s fat content is too high, it may cause endocrine disorders and affect the menstrual cycle, and even some patients may have amenorrhea.

Menstrual cycle disorders, ovulation will be affected.

② Obesity can cause infertility to cause polycystic (PCOS).Obesity is closely related to the polycystic. Most of the polycystic women have obesity problems. More than 50%of PCOS patients will be infertile, mainly because it may cause "ovulation disorders". Without eggs, naturally cannot conceive!

Secondly, obesity is also more likely to lead to overweight during pregnancy, which will affect the mother and also affect the baby.

The impact of obesity during pregnancy: increasing the risk of illness (gestational diabetes, hypertension during pregnancy, too little amniotic fluid, etc.), difficulty in giving birth, difficulty in mochi drugs, risk of cesarean section, and more recovery of postpartum challenges.

The impact of obesity during pregnancy: Giant children, childhood obesity, and metabolic syndrome is prone to occur when they grow up.

There are many risks that obesity can bring, which is why many pregnant mothers work hard to lose weight!

The first step of healthy pregnancy

Pay your legs: Keep a healthy weight!

The primary task of obese girls is to prepare for pregnancy.

① Reduce weight and restore ovulation

For obese girls, it is the most important thing to prepare for pregnancy and weight reduction. Mitigation by 5 % can have a favorable impact on ovarian function.

Sports weight loss can also increase insulin sensitivity, reduce insulin and testosterone levels, thereby restoring ovulation and fertility.

② Adjust endocrine to reduce therogens

Exercise can reduce the levels and effects ofrogens, improve endocrine, and restore fertility.

③ Exercise can keep the body in a good condition

Exercise can promote metabolism, help blood circulation, and keep the body a good state.

So how should you exercise?Observe the FITT principle:

● F: Frequency, 3-5 times a week

● I: NTENSITY, movement intensity from low to high, focusing on persistence

● T: Time, 30-60 minutes/time, gradually extend

● T: Type, choose convenient and easy -to -run exercises, such as jogging, fast walking, cycling, swimming, etc.

The most direct role of exercise is to have a healthy body, which can not only help lose weight, but also increase the surrogacy rate!

The second step of healthy pregnancy

Hold your mouth: eat a healthy diet!

Basically every mother’s pregnancy experience is inseparable from eating.

Whether diet is pregnant or during pregnancy, it is important. How can I eat healthy?How can I eat healthy and high -quality babies?

1. Diversity of diet -Balanced diet is always beneficial

① Reduce artificial sweetener and caffeine.

② Eat more foods with high protein content.

③ Daily diet should include these five types of foods: fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and dairy products.

④ Eat less than 340 grams of fish per week to avoid high mercury fish.

⑤ Take at least 0.4 mg (400 micrograms) vitamin and mineral supplements with folic acid.

2. Control the amount -食 2 2 is not desirable

① Eat 5-6 copies of grains every day, 2-4 parts of fruits, 4 or more vegetables, 4 dairy products and 3 parts of protein sources (meat, poultry, fish, eggs or nuts), eat less fat and sweets.

② Eat at least four dairy products and food rich in calcium every day to ensure that the body gets 1000-1300 mg of calcium.

③ Eat at least three iron -rich foods a day, such as lean meat, spinach, beans and breakfast grains to ensure that you get 27 mg of iron per day.

④ Choose at least one kind of food rich in vitamin C every day, such as orange, grapefruit, strawberry, honey dew, papaya, broccoli, ball bud, green peppers, tomatoes and mustard.

⑤ Choose at least one folic acid -rich food, such as dark green leafy vegetables, calfs and beans (green beans, black beans, black -eyed beans and eagle mouth beans).

⑥ At least one vitamin A source is selected every other day.The source of vitamin A includes carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, spinach, water pumpkin, radish and green vegetables, beet and green vegetables, apricot and cantaloupe.

3. Quit the amount of cigarettes and alcohol, control the amount of caffeine

Alcohol is related to premature birth, mental disability, congenital defects and low weight.

Smoking has an impact on fertility and is harmful to unborn babies.

Reduce caffeine.Drink more than 2 cups (500 ml) coffee or 5 cans (2 liters) soda -soda girls every day. Girls with caffeine -containing soda may be more difficult to get pregnant and have a greater chance of miscarriage.

4. Preparation of healthy pregnancy stickers

① Do a good pre -pregnancy examination.Do a detailed pre -pregnancy examination before preparing for pregnancy, check the personal and family medical history, as well as the current state of health and medication. There is a history of disease before pregnancy, and we must actively control the control of the doctor.

② Relax and reduce stress.Stress will not only affect conception, but also have an adverse effect on the baby in the stomach, so let yourself be fully relaxed. A happy mother will have a happy baby.

③ Pay attention to pets at home.There are pets at home and preparing for pregnancy. It is best to do bow -shaped worms six months in advance.

④ Look at the dentist.Do not forget oral health when preparing for pregnancy.The changes in hormones during pregnancy can make you more likely to suffer from gum disease.

⑤ Good rest.Take a break early at night, keep your best, eat well and sleep well, your body can be good

I hope that every girl preparing for pregnancy is good, and she can usher in a healthy and healthy baby!

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