rare!Pregnant women diagnosed the rare blood type "dinosaur blood"

Recently, the Inspection Department (blood transfusion department) of the Fourth Hospital of Changsha City, Hunan Province found a case of Mumbai blood type.

It is understood that Mumbai’s blood type is more rare than Rh -negative "panda blood" and is called "dinosaur blood".This type of blood type was first discovered in Mumbai, India in 1952. It is extremely rare in China. People with this blood type account for only a 100,000 -in -one in the country and only a hundred cases across the country.

According to the Fourth Hospital of Changsha City, not long ago, a minority pregnant woman was visited in the hospital. During the diagnosis and treatment, Liu Qianxi, the deputy director inspector, found that the pregnant woman’s ABO blood type positive and negative format was not conforming to it., Anti -fixed -type manifestation is characterized by type B, anti -sieve positive and negative.

This abnormal result caused Liu Qianxi’s high vigilance, and immediately contacted the pregnant woman to learn that the first two children in the pregnant woman were produced in a foreign hospital, and the blood type was determined to be O.Liu Qianxi reported the situation to the director of the inspection department (blood transfusion department) Zhang Biming. Director Zhang organized in -depth research on this case of difficult blood type and initially considered Mumbai blood type.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, Director Zhang Biming led the blood transfusion staff to read a lot of information and asked the provincial and foreign blood transfusion experts. Experts suggested that blood type gene testing.Due to the limited test conditions of the hospital and the actual situation of pregnant women’s blood type, after fully communicating with pregnant women, Liu Qianxi contacted Huaxi Hospital for free blood type test for the pregnant woman.

On October 11, the final blood type of the pregnant woman was detected:

Patient serotics is a Mumbai type B, and the results of the FUT-1 gene sequencing are in line with the FUT1*01W.37 released by the ISBT International Blood Transfer Society (H anti-antigen weak expression).The results of the ABO gene sequencing are in line with the B101/O02 announced by the ISBT International Society.Patient’s gene expression normal B sugar -based metastase activity, excluding the ABO glycal metastase gene variation and the ABO subtype.

Zhang Biming said that the general ABO blood type cannot detect Mumbai blood type. If it is not further examined, it is easy to be mistaken for O -type blood. The best way to identify Mumbai’s blood type is to check whether there are H antigen in the blood, So that it can be accurately detected.

Rare blood type crowd daily life

Pay special attention to your own health and safety

Zhang Biming, director and chief technician of the Inspection Department of the Fourth Hospital of Changsha City, said that if the rare blood type people need to transfusion, it is difficult to find the matching blood.

For rare blood type pregnant women, once major bleeding or other blood loss occurs during surgery, it will face the dilemma of no blood loss.In daily life, such people should pay special attention to their own health and safety. When such groups need to transfusion, it is best to use blood transfusion or infusion of the blood deficiency of the same type of H antigen. It is recommended to store their own blood in advance.

When urgent blood transfusion is needed under the condition of no same type or without self -transfusion conditions, the same type of blood without response or response to the patient’s serum without response or response should be reduced first, minimizing the risk of hemolysis.During the infusion process, we need to closely observe whether to have adverse blood transfusion reactions to fully ensure that the patient is safe and effective for blood transfusion treatment.

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Source: Youth Observer

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