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Colleagues introduced twelve surgical formulation plans.

I didn’t care about him for a long time until I came to work in Shanghai. When I was at work, I had to ask for a 1-3 days off for a month. It depends on the day he came.

Then I had a colleague. He suddenly went to the hospital for examination because of abdominal pain. After checking it, a large cyst was found.After he came back, I asked you what the situation was, and then introduced the hospital to me. I went to the hospital to see the doctor and said that your cyst is not very big. You go to conservative treatment first.There is no way to take painkillers, and it will be reviewed on a regular basis. In May 20 years, the doctor suggested that you have actually reached 5 cm and you can go for surgery.

In fact, during surgery, he had begun to ask me the first item and plan about the baby.The plan for how to treat you in the future is that if you want to get pregnant and have this condition to get pregnant, then you will get pregnant as soonAfter the surgery was removed, he didn’t grow very much, so the risk of pregnancy would be relatively small.

If you can try it at the first to 2 cm, but if it is 4 cm, it is because he may have the possibility of breaking, so do not make such an attempt.I did the operation directly in May at the time. After the operation, I had to get an injection every month. The injection of the injection was to suppress your aunt.This really bad effect, the knees and ankles are buzzing, and sometimes they suddenly feel soft. It is really tens of minutes every tens of minutes.Sexual heat is different, he went down again for a while.

Later, I scored about January. After January, the doctor said that if she was ready to get pregnant immediately, he introduced me to another reproductive doctor, and decided to naturally HY for three months.I went to see the reproductive doctor and said, you will give you three months. If you can conceive naturally, if you can’t conceive naturally, then we will be a test tube baby. At that time, he said that you had undergone an operation.It will still be relatively small.

You are surgery now, so your chances will be pregnant than you now, and your chances will still be relatively high.Then, according to his treatment plan, we are going to promote exclusive needles and medicine. At that time, we also took all the medicines he prescribed on time. According to his plan, in May, it was a successful conception of successful conception in May.You can take his photos in June, this is really quite lucky.

This really wants to thank their doctors for making a plan for me. In June, in June, they were treated with reproductive doctors normally in June.After three months, I was transferred to the fertility department. He introduced me to the doctor. The introduction was quite an expert outpatient clinic. The cost of each diagnosis was 300, and it was not the social security.The fee I went for a considerable time was about 1.000 yuan (it was worth it), and the heir family clinic was dead, because he would also prescribe some medicine for me.

I went to the cysts at the beginning and found that there were, but he was still relatively small. People said that there was nothing much to do. Until the birth of the doctor said that I had a cesarean section, and I could re -take it out with this cyst because IThe child was determined at the time.First, the umbilical cord around the neck, the second butt position, the third, I am a twin uterus. He must go to a cesarean section, and then take this small cyst and take it out by the way.Relatively speaking, this is the second recurrence. After giving birth to a child, he went to review and he was still recurring.I think now is that the umbilical cord is around the neck. I simply does not want to transfer my attention to life and work. This thing still has to conduct regular review.

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