Recommended recipes during pregnancy, if you want to be nutritious and not fat, the secrets are here

In fact, this is a pseudo -proposition.Pregnant mothers who have this kind of thought will soon fall into a nutritional trap during pregnancy: eat too little, afraid that the fetal nutrition will not keep up and affect the baby’s growth and development;Large is not conducive to the delivery of full moon.So, how should you eat when you are pregnant?

Many women do not pay much attention to nutritional intake in early pregnancy.However, early pregnancy is the stage of formation of fetal nerve tubes and major internal organs. The nutrition required for these organs is from mothers.Pregnant mothers must get enough nutrition from food to meet their own nutrition and fetal growth.

However, things in the world are often contrary to their wishes.Because of pregnancy, most pregnant women will have a bad appetite and loss of appetite in the early pregnancy.At this time, don’t deliberately force yourself to eat more.Instead of worrying about chicken, duck, and fish every day, it is better to choose the food you like, to eat and spit out less as the first goal to ensure nutritional supply.

Recommended dishes: frying belly slices of fungus, raw Dutch beans, chicken porridge, custered radish soup, loofah lean soup, steamed stove duck, assorted egg noodles.

The second trimester is the fastest period of fetal growth and development.The mother’s body has also changed accordingly.At this time, the diet must not only meet the needs of the fetal rapid growth, but also meet the needs of pregnant mothers themselves.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should consume sufficient high -quality protein in the second trimester, and appropriate amounts of fat (note: it is an appropriate amount of fat), enough vitamins.In addition, there are enough minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and so on.

Recommended dishes: Garlic Pork Tail, Five Gee Board, Tender Ginger Chicken Slice, Green Pepper Pork Belly, Golden Chicken Sing Xiao, Yam Yamana Soup.

The nutrition required by mothers in the third trimester should continue to strengthen, and at the same time strengthen exercise, so as to accumulate sufficient strength to cope with the upcoming childbirth.However, pay attention to the nutritional balance in diet. Do not have big fish and meat every meal to prevent the fetus from being too large and lead to production difficulties.

During this period, the fetus has a large demand for calcium, and it will also reserve certain iron elements before birth.At will, during this period, mothers should pay attention to increasing calcium and iron intake, and do not ignore the intake of protein. It is advisable to eat carrots, catfish, red beans and other foods, and avoid eating high -fat foods.

Recommended dishes: sauerkraut big bone soup, straw mushroom pork ribs soup, braised catfish, millet yellow porridge, winter vegetable steamed beef, potato beef soup.

In summary, pregnant mothers have different needs for nutrition in the three stages of pregnancy. In the early pregnancy, they aim at overcoming early pregnancy reactions. In the second trimester, the goal of ensuring the nutrition of mothers and fetuses is the goal in controlling weight growth in the third trimester.

As the saying goes, it is better to eat well.Especially for pregnant women, if you want to suffer from sufficient nutrition during pregnancy, the secret is that at the three important stages of pregnancy, eat food, eat good food, and eat ingenious food.

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