Red dates and brown sugar do not replenish blood. Reminder: These 4 kinds of food are really nourishing. Don’t eat wrong next time

Women and men are significantly different in physiological, and the menstrual period is the biggest difference.Women will eat a lot of blood supplement foods before the holidays, which will not only help improve their own immunity, but also have a good effect on excessive blood loss during menstruation.

Therefore, blood supplementing blood is equivalent to the good complexion of women, and it is the standard for women’s health.Most women are born with weak bodies, and blood supplementing is a matter of course.Women’s lack of qi and blood show symptoms such as pale, irregular menstruation, physiological fatigue, and slow hair growth.

In order to avoid these situations, it is very critical to replenish qi and blood in time. Compared to everyone, the first thing that thinks of brown sugar and red dates is red. After all, the color is also red, but is the common brown sugar and red dates really nourishing blood?What are the foods for blood supplement?Know together.

01 Six performances of human qi and blood foot

1. Rogue

Qi and blood are the material basis for maintaining the normal function of the body. Qi can promote blood operation, blood can carry air, and qi and blood breed each other.

Insufficient qi, the skin color is not shiny, the blood is insufficient, the skin color loses rosy, while the qi feet are blood and feet, and the fullness of qi and blood is rosy.Therefore, rosy complexion is a manifestation of the human qi and blood and smooth meridians.

2. High sleep quality

Many people have insufficient blood. At this time, the blood nutrients provided to the brain tissue may reduce the function of the brain and even make the brain nervous.When the brain is hypoxic and ischemia, some manifestations are dizziness and headache, resulting in sleep quality easily.

Therefore, the quality of sleep is relatively high, and the fast sleep speed may be a manifestation of sufficient blood gas. It is necessary to continue to promote health.

3. The phenomenon of numbness and hair will not appear with fingers and toes

The farthest heart of the human body is the end of the limbs, so these parts are also the most easily affected by lack of qi and blood. According to Chinese medicine, "qi and blood cannot reach the four end."

Therefore, when people are old -fashioned or lack of qi and blood, they are prone to numbness and cold hands and feet. On the contrary, qi and blood and feet will not have these performances.

4. The whole body is warm

The constant temperature of the whole body, sufficient qi and blood, can warm the whole body. This is the manifestation of abundant qi and blood. It can also indicate the phenomenon of your health, which is more conducive to recycling and basic metabolism.To put it bluntly, qi and blood are deficient and cold, and the qi and blood are insufficient, but the whole body is difficult, and the hands and feet are cold.

5. Good appetite

In the case of sufficient qi and blood, human appetite will also increase, because human digestive systems need sufficient blood supply to improve gastrointestinal digestive function.After the age of 45, the gastrointestinal function of many people decreases, mostly related to lack of qi and blood.

If you can raise your body to ensure that qi and blood runs smoothly.At this time, the organizing function is improved, the digestive ability will also be enhanced, and the appetite is relatively good.

6. Nails

Women with sufficient qi and blood, the nails of the fingers are pink, and the nails are smooth and spots.Except for the little finger in the five fingers, other nails should have half a month.

The half -moon marks on the nails account for a quarter of the nails, and the half -moon marks of the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger should not exceed one -fifth of the nails.If the nails are pale, there are unevenness, and there is no half -moon marks, it is a manifestation of insufficient qi and blood.

02 Red dates and brown sugar do not replenish blood?Intersection

Red dates are rich in vitamins, amino acids, and various minerals. They are a very high -nutritional food. It has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, and soothe.The element content is not high.

Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the effect of nourishing qi and blood by eating red dates.However, red dates are true, but it is not directly nourishing blood. It can be applied with other blood supplements to achieve indirect blood supplement.

For brown sugar, according to the theory of modern medicine, drinking brown sugar water does not have the effect of nourishing blood.Because brown sugar water does not have the material and raw materials required for bleeding, in theory, drinking brown sugar water in theory can also have the effect of nourishing blood to a certain extent.

Because brown sugar is sweet, it has a certain effect on the spleen and stomach.When the spleen and stomach function is good, the spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

If the spleen and stomach function is good, its digestion and absorption function is good, and natural qi and blood will be strong. Therefore, brown sugar supplementation is like this, but brown sugar itself does not have the effect of nourishing blood.

03 Reminder: These 4 kinds of food are really nourishing. Do not eat the wrong next time

1. Black chicken

Wuji Decoction has a good effect on qi and blood, especially suitable for the treatment and treatment of patients with long -term diseases, physical weaknesses, or weak patients after surgery, and it is also very suitable for women’s nutritional supplement after pregnancy.

Black chicken has a clear effect in Chinese medicine, has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and the effect is very good.However, due to the high nutritional content in the black chicken soup, long -term excessive drinking may cause the body to get angry, and the appropriate amount of intake is better for the body.

2. Ejiao

Ejiao has the effects of nourishing blood, hemostasis, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and has a certain effect on patients with blood deficiency.For patients with yin deficiency and fire, such as lung yin deficiency, long cough, sputum, and hot heat also have certain therapeutic effects.

"Water Sutra" is recorded in the "Frequent Boil of Glies, with Gongtianfu", so it is known as Gongjiao."Compendium of Materia Medica" is called "Holy Medicine", which is called "three treasures" of Chinese medicine with ginseng and velvet antler.

In addition, Ejiao also has a certain therapeutic effect on lack of qi and blood or qi and blood deficiency.The appropriate amount of edible Ejiao can make people’s complexion ruddy and shiny, and Ejiao also contains a lot of bone collagen and amino acids, which can also play a role in anti -aging.

3. Ginseng

Ginseng is warm, sweet, and slightly bitter. It has the function of replenishing vitality. Vitality is the basic spirit of the human body and the source of all qi. When the body is insufficient, vitality can play a role in promoting generation and supplement.

Because ginseng has the effect of replenishing vitality, it can promote the production of battalion gas and help to produce blood.Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginseng has the effect of nourishing blood and the effect of qi and blood.

However, it should be noted that when a cold is fever, it is generally not appropriate to take it.Due to the severe palpitations during fever, taking people to participate in the blood circulation, making palpitations even worse, and worsening the condition.

4. Guiyuan

Longan meat, also known as longan meat, is warm and sweet, nourishes the spleen, nourishing qi and blood.It contains a variety of nutrients, which can replenish blood and soothe the nerves, nourish the brain, nourish the heart and spleen.

A large amount of protein, fat and minerals contained in longan are the essential nutrients for the human body.Especially for people who work hard, sorrowful heart, spleen and blood, and have better effects.Guiyuan has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, so it is known as "the gods in the fruit".

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