Regarding 68 common sense of IgA nephropathy, share it with friends who need to know

1.Ga nephropathy is the most common primary glomerular nephritis type

2. The vast majority of IgA nephropathy is unknown

3. The theory of most recognition is that genetic susceptibility+external cause (such as infection)+abnormal immune response abnormal factors have caused IgA nephropathy

4. Confirm that IgA nephropathy can only be punctured by kidney (but not everyone needs to be puncture)

5. Patients with chronic nephritis, about 45%of people’s puncture results are IgA nephropathy

6. IgA nephropathy may be available at any age.

7. There can be no symptoms in the early stage of Ga nephropathy. Only by accidental medical examination found that urine routine has mirror hematuria (increased red blood cells), or hematuria is accompanied by proteinuria

8. Symptoms of IgA nephropathy, typical clinical manifestations are that after the upper respiratory tract infection, the eye hematuria occurs after the upper respiratory tract infection

9. The naked eye hematuria usually recovers itself for 2-3 days

10.iga nephropathy, difficult to cure, can be controlled.Don’t believe in the deception of "Bao You Cure"

11. The same is the same as IgA nephropathy. The prognosis of this disease (the end of the disease) is huge

12. Even if some patients are not treated, the renal function has been stable, and no uremia will be obtained.

13. Some patients can stop the drug after a period of treatment, but most patients need to maintain treatment for life, and renal function can be kept stable

14. Some patients cannot control it. The renal function gradually enters renal failure in about 10 or 20 years.

15. If Ga nephropathy is only manifested as simple hematuria, without proteinuria, hypertension, and abnormal blood creatinine.

16. Iga nephropathy can be accompanied by different degrees of proteinuria, and some patients still have high blood pressure and elevated serum creatinine

17. IgA nephropathy without hematuria

18. The harm of proteinuria is far greater than hematuria

19. According to the typical clinical manifestations, clinical speculation can be considered as a high possibility of IGA nephropathy. Patients with mild condition do not have to do kidney puncture

20. Studies suggest that patients with naked eye hematuria are better.This may be because of the reminder of the naked eye hematuria, patients are more likely to pay attention to disease early

21. The naked eye hematuria, rare cases will cause acute renal injuries, and serum creatinine rises rapidly.It is seen in excessive red blood cells to block the renal tubes, or the new moon body IgA nephropathy, and communicate with the doctor in a timely manner

22. Because the risk of uremia of different IgA nephropathy is very different, it is necessary to identify patients with high risk of progress and actively respond to

23. The quantification of urine protein continues to be greater than 1g (> 1000 mg), which is a high -risk group of IgA nephropathy progress as uremia.

24. The blood pressure continues to be greater than 130/80mmHg, which is a high -risk group of IgA nephropathy progress as uremia.

The 25.CKD3B stage is a high -risk group of IgA nephropathy as uremia (→ pathological grading and renal function staging (CKD staging) is two codes, don’t confuse it anymore!)

26. To have a good prognosis with nephropathy, it is the key to find that early and protein urine and blood pressure control are good.

27. The current commonly used IgA nephrotic pathogenesis is Oxford Type Mest-C

28.m Represents: The increase in diaphragm hyperplasia;

29.S representative: section hardening;

30.E representative: endothelial cell hyperplasia;

31.T representative: renal tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis

32.C Representative: Crescent Moon

33.0 points are basically not.The higher the score, the heavier the degree of the lesion of this lesion

34. Steamed glomerular balls (<8), which is not clear about judging the value of the prognosis

35.T is the most closely related to the prognosis. The higher the score of T, the worse the prognosis

36. Drial glomerular sclerosis, renal tubular atrophy fiber, and crescent body scores are very high, indicating that the pathology is serious and the risk of disease progress is higher

37. Iga nephrotrophic disease also had Lee classification before.Lee level 1 ~ 3 is lighter, and level 4 ~ 5 is heavier, but now it has been replaced by the Mest-C typography

38. Patients withga nephropathy should regularly review routine urine, 24 -hour urine protein quantity (or PCR and ACR), renal function, usually at home blood pressure

39.iga nephropathy, the indicator cannot be only a moment, and we must manage for a lifetime

40. After the condition is stable, do not paralyze, follow the doctor’s advice, medication+review+healthy life

41. Don’t rely on the bubbles, low back pain, and uncomfortable people to evaluate whether the condition is stable, be sure to review it!Without review, Iga’s kidney disease has deteriorated, but no treatment is not found.

42. The RAS blocking agent is the basic medication of patients with IgA nephrobrotinuria, which can reduce urine protein and protect renal function (→ RAS block)

43.RAS blocking agent can occur in serum creatinine when it is just used, or increased, and changes. Pay attention to close monitoring

44. Patients with high risk of progress may use immunosuppressors such as hormones (→ hormones), cyclopensions (→ cyclide), azazizine, Xiaoxin (→ Xiaoxin)

45. Pinyl chloride can reduce urine protein (→ hydroxyl chloride)

46. IgA nephropathy with progress risk can use fish oil to reduce uremia risk

47. New research evidence shows that SGLT2I (→ grid net drug) is expected to reduce the incidence of high -risk IgA nephropathy, and some patients have begun to use

48. Multiple IGA nephropathy targeting drugs are on the road of research and development (→ IgA nephropathy targeting medicine)

49. Iga nephropathy can get new crown vaccines (→ new crown vaccine, which patients with kidney disease cannot be played? One article is clear)

50.iga nephropathy, with normal blood potassium and blood sugar, except for altives, do not need to taboo vegetables and fruits.

51. Nephrine friends with low risk of kidney disease can eat normally and healthy diet

52. Patients with high risk of risk and renal dysfunction iniga, pay attention to high -quality low protein diet (→ high -quality low protein diet specific operation)

53. Low protein diet can delay the progress of kidney disease

54. IgA nephropathy developed into uremia can be used as kidney transplantation. This is the preferred alternative treatment plan

55. According to statistics, IgA nephropathy is transplanted, which is similar to other glomerular disease kidney transplantation.

56. Some patients will recur after IgA nephropathy after transplantation, but recurrence is not a common cause of the loss of kidney loss.

57. Excessive salt during diet will accelerate the progress of kidney disease

58. High -protein diet will accelerate the progress of kidney disease

59. Repeated infection can induce aggravated IgA nephropathy

60. Obesity will accelerate the progress of IgA kidney disease

61. Smoking will accelerate the progress of IgA kidney disease

62. Insufficient sleep will accelerate the progress of IgA kidney disease

63. High blood sugar will accelerate the progress of IgA nephropathy

64. Frequent use of kidney toxic drugs will accelerate the progress of IgA nephropathy

65. Under the stability of the disease of the nephropathy, you can get pregnant and have children

66. Most IgA nephropathy is not inherited, and a few families gather

67.iga nephropathy can breastfeed

68. As long as you think, Iga nephropathy and kidney friends can live for a long time

Correctly understand the disease and actively treat the disease positively.

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